Burger Press- Best Hamburger Press From Motamayez Home Made of Aluminum Metal with Wooden Handle - S

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  1. grunch92
    "Such a great, time-saving tool!"
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    Dec 2, 2015
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    Pros - The size is very compact so that anyone can hold it very easily. It makes uniform ¼ pounds patty completes with the perfect grill lines.
    Cons - size is the only downside of this burger making tool. You can’t make a big size patty with this press. If you are looking for a patty maker for mak
    This is a fantastic hamburger press! I gone through many presses over the years, most of which have been plastic. This aluminum version far surpasses any other I've used and will likely last me ages. I've used it for ground beef, salmon, buffalo, elk, and chicken and regardless of the meat, the patty comes out with little effort. Both my husband and I work long hours on top of commuting, and try to spend as much quality time with our young daughter as possible, so I get up early every Sunday to prep several meals and freezer meals for the week and beyond. One of the more common meals we enjoy in the summer is hamburgers, so using this press to quickly form patties separated by a square of freezer paper and then frozen makes for a quick and delicious meal for the family that brings us closer together. I've also brought it to a friend's house to help her preform several patties for a huge BBQ she was hosting, and we made quick work of it because of this press. It has already more than paid for itself!
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