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Waring Commercial
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Pros: 4 programs (reprogrammable), easy to clean, fast, sound enclosure
Cons: size (too tall)
This blender was purchased used from an auction in non-working condition.  A quick repair and I was in business.

The greatest aspect of this blender is first and foremost, the power.  This being my first commercial blender, I never realized how much blender power can affect the smoothness of a frozen drink or fruit smoothie (I have used my grandmothers vita-mix on occasion, but only for soups).  Prior to purchasing the Waring, I had been very happy with my 15 year-old Oster beehive blender having only to replace the blade one time and the lock ring once and the rubber gaskets a few times, but now I don't think I could go back to that.

This blender is also very easy to use.  It comes with 4 preset programs which the owner can re-program if desired to change the power and duration of the blending.  This means, throw the usual ingredients in, push the appropriate program, the blender blends out the duration and then shuts off automatically.  Should the blender not have blended to the desired consistency, there are two pulse buttons, one normal, one "max" (which provides 150% power, 45k rpm).  There is also a manual on/off button & speed +/- buttons allowing the user to customize for a specific purpose including increasing or decreasing speed during blending.  In manual mode, the blender uses a count-up timer to display for the user the elapsed time which help the user to better determine the duration needed if the user chooses to then re-program one of the program settings. 

Physically, this blender is massive, taking up over 80 of counterspace and standing a little over 21" tall with the sound enclosure, so it doesn't work well at home on the counter since it won't fit under a standard height cabinet.  It weighs about 15 lbs.  I have both the 64 oz. and 48 oz. containers, both polycarbonate, very easy to clean, have not stained even after dozens of smoothies with lots of carrot juice!  Very light weight, easy to read volume gradation marks.  Nice wide spout for pouring thick purees. Well fitting lid, stays on by itself even under highest usage power, has a removable hole cover for venting hot liquids or making additions during blending.

Downsides are that it is tall and loud (I ended up removing the sound enclosure so it could fit on my counter). Then again, it wasn't really designed for home use, so I can't fault them for the height issue, and I certainly wouldn't want to trade power for a quieter version.   
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