Betty Crocker Whole Grains: Easy Everyday Recipes

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With this cookbook, the experts at Betty Crocker make it easy for you to include the goodness of whole grains in your family’s favorite meals. You’ll discover 140 delicious whole grain recipes for every meal of the day—including on-the-go snacks, convenient slow-cooker recipes, and super-fast 30-minute dishes—plus cooking tips and information on the different kinds of whole grains available, authoritative advice on the health benefits of whole grains, and 50 beautiful color photos.


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Betty Crocker Whole Grains: Easy Everyday Recipes

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There's Nothing Wrong With Basics

The Betty Crocker library has a cookbook for every taste and style. These are geared towards the home cook or newer cook. There is nothing ground breaking in them, but you can always be assured you will get a solid foundation, albeit simple one, in a Betty Crocker book Whole Grains: Easy Everyday Recipes follows that same formula. Simple, easy to follow recipes, that make eating and cooking, and learning about food fun.

We are to some extent in worse shape than our ancestors who did not have the same bounty of food that we have at their disposal. They had a simpler and healthier diet due, in part, to the whole grains that they ate. We have taken convenience to a whole new level in our lifestyle and in doing so we have removed much of the health benefits nature had originally placed in the foods that grow in the ground. Eating whole grains does not have to be inconvenient and does not necessarily have to take any longer than pre-processed items. Certainly the tastes and textures are dramatically improved when the food is not overly processed.

If you are not familiar with eating and cooking with whole grains, this book will give you a basic and well rounded introduction to what whole grains are and what types are available. Whole Grains writes about the health benefits a diet high in whole grains promotes. There are chapters for every meal as well as sections for breads, and quick snacks for people on the go. Simple, easy quick meals for dinner, slow cook meals, soups and sides are covered as well.

The recipes and testing are done by the Betty Crocker kitchens. Who is actually writes and develops these recipes is known only to them. With so many years of doing these types of cookbooks I imagine the staff is comprised of professionals, and or people with many years of experience. It's obvious that some care and thought has gone into these recipes. While many are simple enough for a child to do, they do not come off as simply slapped together just to get another book out on the market. There is a registered dietician listed in the credits for the book, and each recipe contains nutritional information of the dish for one serving as well as the prep time, cooking time, and servings made allowing you to customize your diet with the recipes. It also lists dietary exchanges and carbohydrate choices in the form of percentages and the whole grain serving.

The book has a good amount of color pictures that make the food look very appealing. The photos are taken in-house at the General Mills Photography Studios and with their in-house image library. Doing this they keep control of the pictures and the quality is always outstanding. Even the simplest recipes look appealing and inviting. The spiral binding and glossy, easy to wipe off pages make the book very kitchen friendly. Overall the recipes are not difficult and if you are not familiar with using whole grains, this book will help you get on your way.

Make no mistake however that this is a "health book". While the book does talk about how beneficial a diet in whole grains is in helping to prevent Type 2 Diabetes, weight loss, and weight control the very first recipe is loaded with carbohydrates and sugars, which is a direct route to weight gain, and Type 2 diabetes. So be aware of this when reading this book and using the recipes. Using sugar substitutes, and a little portion control on your own, this could be a very healthy, helpful book. The recipes are simple and tasty, and so it is a good addition to any library.

Recipe from the book: Mediterranean Bulgur and Lentils


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