Better Than Bouillon - Clam Base - 8 oz.

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Better Than Bouillon
Pros: Quality product. a little goes a long way, priced right
Cons: If used in exess to salty.
I have used soup bases of all kinds available at retail this brand is about the closest I have used to restaurant type bases.  Remember these do not take the place of a good stock of any kind . They should be used as an enhancer to stocks and sauces. The days of reducing a 10 gallon stock pot down to a 1/2 pint of Glace Divian are long over . Its is unaffordable and not efficient in this day and age. They also make a low sodium chicken base that's is good. The product sells on line for as high as 8.50 plus shipping this is to high. Publix sells it for about 4.49  to 4.98. I have even seen it in Walmart for less. Their lobster base as well as clam base are very good and actually contain lobster and clam. They are shelf stable but once opened like commercial brands should be refrigerated. :EJB:
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