Best Slow and Easy Recipes: More than 250 Foolproof, Flavor-Packed Roasts, Stews, and Braises that l

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  • What if we told you that recipes don't have to be fast to be simple? That cooking methods like stewing, braising, and roasting can actually be fuss-free? The Best Slow & Easy Recipes gives you more than 250 recipes that show you why building flavor slower is sometimes better - and easier. The appeal of cooking food slowly is undeniable; a moderate oven temperature and extended cooking time can build rich, concentrated flavor and yield tender, juicy meat. But when most of us think of dishes that are slow cooking by nature - such as roasts, braises, and stews - we think of an all-day affair requiring constant attention, something to prepare for a special occasion or when you can commit a full day to the task. But in fact, in many cases just the opposite is true. These dishes are, for the most part, easy - although they take time, the process is largely unattended, leaving you free to simply walk away. You'll find all the classic slow-cooked dishes here - dishes where time, slow simmering, and gentle heat work their magic - from Prime Rib and Classic Beef Chili to Smothered Pork Chops and Cassoulet. But we also introduce to you some new favorites such as Carnitas, the Mexican version of pulled pork (a slow braise renders the pieces of pork rich and tender, while a quick broil at the end creates an irresistibly crisp, caramelized exterior) and Braised Chicken with Almonds and Pine Nuts (a boldly-flavored Spanish dish thickened with a picada - a mixture of ground almonds, pine nuts, parsley, and saffron). And we didn't forget to make use of the slow cooker; sure, you already know you can make all kinds of stews and chilis in this convenient piece of equipment, but we've discovered it's also great for making Homemade Chicken Broth or Meatballs in Marinara (a quick stint in the microwave rids the meatballs of excess fat without creating a tough exterior). Want to know one of the easiest, most foolproof ways to cook fish? Simply throw it in a pot with some lightly sautéed aromatics and put it in the oven. Our Salmon en Cocotte with Leeks and White Wine might take a little longer to cook than fish cooked another way, but it's hands-free time as the low, gentle heat of the oven and covered pot concentrate the flavors and keep the fish moist - say goodbye to dried-out fish forever. Sometimes a novel approach is required to make a slow recipe easier. What do you do when you want barbecued ribs in the middle of winter? Move the process indoors - your oven, a baking stone, and some tea leaves are all you need to get long-cooked, smoky flavor any time of year (and eliminate constant monitoring in the process). How do you ensure foolproof results for finicky side dishes such as polenta, risotto, and rice? Cook them in the oven - our baked versions provide gentle heat that is much more reliable and consistent than classic stovetop versions. And they're easier too - you'll be surprised to find that our Baked Risotto requires no stirring once it goes in the oven. We'll also show you how to apply slow cooking techniques to vegetables and fruit, creating new and unexpected flavors and textures in the process. Slow-Braised Carrots take an hour to cook but the simple approach (simmering them in butter and water and then browning them at the end) gives you the sweetest, creamiest, most flavorful carrots we've ever tasted. Don't know what to do with less-than-perfect tomatoes? Slow-roast them to concentrate their sweet flavor and draw out their juices (they make a great side dish or you can use them as part of a salsa or sauce). Slow cooking isn't just uncomplicated cooking - it can be economical and convenient too. With The Best Slow & Easy Recipes, we'll bring you back to the simple art of slow cooking. We promise it's worth the wait.
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    Best Slow and Easy Recipes: More than 250 Foolproof, Flavor-Packed Roasts, Stews, and Braises that let the Oven Do the Work (Best Recipe Classics)
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