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EARN YOUR DIPLOMA IN CULINARY ARTS, BAKING AND RESTAURANT MANAGEMENTArizona Culinary Institute’s program was designed to make sensible and efficient use of your time and resources. Students are able to complete our program and earn their diplomas in as little as 8 months. Our program begins with 6 weeks dedicated to learning the “Basics,” which allows you to begin or enhance your career. You will never grasp these basic skills fully in an academic classroom, so be prepared to start cooking right away!Basic Culinary Arts I - 6.5 Credits ( 105 Hours )Students are given a thorough introduction into the basic skills, techniques, concepts and theory involved in professional cooking. Emphasis is given to Classical French Cooking Theory including The Principles of Escoffier, The Mother Sauces, and a variety of traditional and modern preparation techniques. Students are taught proper knife skills and handling, safety and sanitation including ServSafe Certification. Class is theory and practical. |


I attended ACI in 2014. At the time LCB was also operating in Scottsdale but I chose ACI because of the small class size and the fact that their school restaurant was still operating, LCB had recently closed theirs. I started class with about 10 people, by the time Basics class was done there were 8. The class was structured so half the class went to Baking and the other half to Production. After completing the class they would swap. This meant that my class size was really 4 (and soon just 3). The low student population allowed for a lot of hands-on time with the chefs. Overall an excellent experience. Very knowledgeable administrative staff when it comes to the GI Bill, as a retired military career changer the GI Bill paid my entire tuition allowing me to focus on school. Highly recommend this school to anyone considering it.

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