American Metalcraft PKR20 Stainless Steel Rocker Pizza Knife, 20-Inch

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5.00 star(s)
5.00 star(s)
Pros: Fast, easy, efficient
Cons: bulky to store between uses.
I had seen these before but thought they were too limited in use. Then a friend gave me this one. It converted me with the first use. A bit of a downward chop from one end and rocking rolling motion to the other and the pizza is sliced quickly, easily accurately. No back and forth with the cutter over a tough bit of meat or crust. No wandering slices. 

My Pizza wheel cutters sit idle now and this does all my pizza cutting. If I were outfitting a kitchen from scratch, I'd include one of these as they're so much better for the job. Sure a pizza wheel still has uses in pastry and pasta work. But if you can find the storage and make your own pizza with any frequency, this is worth it. 

Being sci-fi nerds we joke about it as a Pizza Ba'tleth, complete with honorable pizza cutting duties
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