9.5X12.5X1.5 clear maple block cutting board


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I made this cutting board in the late 1970s in an adult education woodworking class. It's seen heavy use over the years and is my favorite board for chopping vegetables, although I used to use it for everything before I bought a plastic one just for meat and poultry. It's stood up to heavy use and a few times being dropped on the floor. Although it's almost 40 years old, it's still my sentimental favorite. It's shown here with my Global 5.25 inch utility knife.

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Pros: It was exactly what I wanted
Cons: I probably can't replace it.
I made this cutting board in an adult education class in the fall of my second year of teaching. I think the registration fee was $5. The teacher was a colleague. When I told him what my project was going to me, he told me I could make it from scrap wood he had. Therefore, there was no charge for the materials. (He didn't hit me up for the glue.)

I did make other items (a wooden spoon and I don't remember what else) but this is what has remained in use after nearly 40 years. I've dropped it a few times, nearly set it on fire. and set a hot pan on it more than once. But it's always forgiven me. Although I did used to use it for both vegetables and proteins when I had only one board, I use it now only for veggies. It has a tendency to slide a bit on my granite counter top, so I put a piece of foam shelf liner under it and have no problems.

I supposed someday I may sand it down and re-season it, but after this length of time, why bother? Its surface is as familiar as an old friend's.
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