3 Dozen Reasons To Be An Italian Cookbook

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  • For approximately forty years, Michael Hanna has been perfecting Italian recipes from restaurant to family portions. Quite often he has been asked for cooking advice and to share his recipes. For more than 10 years, his wife, Elsa, has been saying, “Write it down.” Finally, he has, and here are the results in 3 Dozen Reasons To Be An Italian Cookbook. After completing high school in 1959, Michael went to Europe to study art. In order to have some extra money, he found himself working at several Italian restaurants. When he returned home, he immediately began working at his father’s restaurant, Ken’s Steak House, in the Italian theme room, where he designed the menu and was chef of “The Finale Room.” After a few years, he joined a partnership with his family and opened Ristorante La Bimba. The recipes in 3 Dozen Reasons To Be An Italian Cookbook are his own. Therefore, they are sometimes unique in order to achieve a desired flavor. The ingredients are a choice all his own. Michael’s Chicken Stock and Marinara Sauce recipes are the backbone of his dishes. Once you have the basics, you can combine a little something with one or two other recipe items, and “voila,” you have a meal. Italian cooking – to Michael – is combining ingredients that belong. His recipes are step-by-step – basic, concise, and easy to follow – from heating the pan to presenting the meal on the table. What People are Saying… “Your tomato sauce (Marinara Sauce) recipe is ‘absolutely delicious.’ I was a little skeptical when I saw anchovies, but tried it anyway and have been making it ever since! ‘The best sauce I ever ate’ said my 23 yr. old son, whom also loves to cook. My husband can’t leave the kitchen once the ‘wonderful aroma’ reaches those Italian nostrils. He’s constantly testing the sauce. I triple the recipe because I like enough to freeze. So far I have tried it over ravioli, stuffed shells and in a meatless lasagna. All outstandingly delicious. I also added meatballs to it, to serve with my meatless lasagna. I have to say, ‘This is the best sauce recipe’ I have ever made and oh, ‘the aroma.’ My dad loves to come to dinner when I serve this meal. Thank you so much for sharing!” Nancy Bozyczko Hopkinton, MA “Cindy & I would like to thank you for the opportunity to sample your Lasagna Genoise and Chicken Saltimboca. Both dishes were unquestionably the best we’ve eaten, reflecting the freshness of the ingredients and attention to preparation. The Lasagna Genoise was simply outstanding. We savored every bite, enjoying the richness of the asiago, fontina, mozzarella, and ricotta cheese. The accompanying tomato sauce (Marinara Sauce) enhanced the flavor of the cheese and spinach lasagna. Our highest compliments to you for a world-class lasagna preparation and presentation! The Chicken Saltimbocca was exquisitely prepared, tender, and flavorful. The seasoning used in this dish was perfect. This dish displays your culinary creativity and skill as this is not an easy dish to master. The rosemary garlic bread was the perfect and innovative compliment to the lasagna and saltimbocca. Thank you again for a wonderful culinary experience!” Best regards, Cindy & Eric Hammersand, Proprietors Dry Dock Waterfront Grill, Longboat Key, FL
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    3 Dozen Reasons To Be An Italian Cookbook


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