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  1. Sansa

    lighter weight dinnerware for catering?

    In case of weight the best decisions are paper and plastic types. They're the most light I've ever used and very cheap, especially comparing with other popular types of dinnerware. Many restaurants use them successfuly and not only for catering, like it's in case of some american seafood cafes...
  2. Sansa

    Preparing for a big birthday party...

    Preparing for a big birthday party...
  3. Sansa

    Huge, MEGA huge dilemma. Help me out guys?

    It's very sad dilemma... But you really need to find a balance between your work and family so I think it's really better to change the job. However maybe there are some other possible job offers? And can't you find a compromise on your current work? Anyway I wish you good luck with making such...
  4. Sansa

    Barbeque Documentary

    Oh, thanks for sharing! I'm interested in such things too and I'll definetely watch it too :)
  5. Sansa

    You Cook needs advice on finding a job.

    Oh, I'm so glad for you! How's your current success? I had the same story as some guys here, cooking schools are nice for beginners, however such start in a good restaurant can give much more for your cooking career, especially if there are many really professional and experienced chefs!
  6. Sansa

    I really need an answer quickly on this one

    Don't be so worried! I think that she noticed how much you appreciated this gift so if you gently explain the situation, I think that she won't be so hurt! Besides you can possibly use it later for cooking other dishes so this gift will be used anyway!
  7. Sansa

    cooking school in china

    Sichuan Institute of Higher Cuisine is amazing! We were there several years ago with my friend and we enjoyed very much with studying here, I think it's one of the best in case of China so I recommen it everyone who's interested in their local cooking schools!
  8. Sansa

    Banquets & Catering or A la carte ? Which direction to take?

    You simply choose the one which you like most. Personally I preferred a career of banquet chef, yeah, I'm not the main boss here but anyway I like my job and I got great experience while working there. Besides it's really a good way for making money but only in cases of the best organizations...
  9. Sansa

    What did you have for dinner?

    Last night entertained a friend. The menu was, app-ceviche of scallops shrimp and amberjack. The mains were 10-12 cnt. head on Gulf shrimp and amberjack fillets and shredded brussel sprouts as a side plus a salad Tonight seared yellow fin tuna, guacamole and streamed broccoli seasoned with...
  10. Sansa

    The November 2017 Challenge is . . . COMFORT FOOD

    I'm gonna try some of my favorites and share here ;)
  11. Sansa

    Dear God, It's Me The Dog

    The owners should be taken to the pound.
  12. Sansa

    My sense of smell is gone!

    I had an illness some time ago that caused me to lose my taste. It came back after a few months. Ask a doctor about this and check on the CDC website for drug effects and illness symptoms. Do you know what virus you had?
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