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  1. thenewguyaround

    Perfect sized Petty or Bunka knife.

    Hello Cheftalk, I have been recently shopping for a new Petty or Ko-Bunka Knife and was wondering what you guys will think will be better out of those 2 types of knives and what size do you think is best, I will be using it for a lot of meat trimming and small veggie cutting (things like...
  2. thenewguyaround

    What knives a home cook should own.

    I recently got a nice 7in Santoku and wondering what everyone thinks every chef should own for there basic home knives, I will be purchasing one more in the near future and wonder if you guys think I should be getting a 135/150mm Petty knife or get a 210/240mm Gyuto to accompany my Santoku.
  3. thenewguyaround

    New Pan Sets

    Home Chef here needing to buy a whole new set of pans, not sure if I should be getting a set of Non Stick or Stainless steel, only pans I have left currently is a couple cast irons. If I were to go non stick will  most likely get the costco brand ones and if I go with stainless steel will go...
  4. thenewguyaround

    Looking for a new Japanese Knife.

    Hello Chef Talk, I am no professional chef but I do cook a lot and enjoy really nice knives that don't break a wallet, I am currently looking for a Japanese Knife and wanted to hear your guys opinion about a couple i'm looking at, I have been looking at the Tojiro Black Finished Shiro-ko Kasumi...
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