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  1. chefross

    tips on using my pasta roller?

    I don't get the video at all. The idea is that you pass the dough through the roller setting #1 a few times to knead and shape the dough, then you pass it through the rollers only once on each setting until you get the thickness you want. What's the purpose of sending a continuous loop through...
  2. chefross

    tough deli sliced corned beef

    "Is there any help/fix for tough corned beef, sliced thick." You don't say if it's brisket or inside round. Both will be tough if sliced thick. That's why corned beef is usually shaved thin for sandwiches.
  3. chefross

    tips on using my pasta roller?

    You are in control of the dough, not the other way around. You fold and square off the dough on setting #1 so that that it becomes a rectangle. It will stay that way throughout the process.
  4. chefross

    Buttercream troubles

    Happens to me as well. Where you hold the bag, the warm hands also warm that very last bit in the bag. What I do is only squeeze up until that point, (where the frostings starts to get gooey) then place the bag in the fridge for 5-10 minutes and have a second pastry bag and tip to continue on...
  5. chefross

    Donut troubleshooting

    Yes........Allow the doughnut mixture to rest 5-10 minutes before starting to fry. This helps a little, however the baking powder does that when the doughnuts are first placed in the hot oil. The doughnuts will get air bubbles on the second side. That's why the doughnuts are glazed on the smooth...
  6. chefross

    how to thicken salad dressing?

    I know it is not low calorie, but it is corn syrup that gives commercial dressing the thickness.
  7. chefross

    Sachertorte troubles

    I used Valrhona 67% cocoa butter so I do not believe it's your ratio. The no temperature for the syrup thing is something you end up finding yourself through trial and hopefully very few errors. That's because boiling sugar syrup is not a perfect science. You can read anything you want on the...
  8. chefross

    Sous Vide Question

    Thanks Someday....Used to do just that during Sunday brunch. Egg Benny for 500 to 800. We poached 750 eggs on Saturday and placed them in ice water.
  9. chefross

    Yorkshires in a combi (rational)

    It all depends on your version of the pudding, and what kind of pan you use. Will you be making a large pan or individuals? Is it "True" pudding or popovers?
  10. chefross

    Skirt steak

    Skirt steak IS chewy. Anything above medium rare and it's rubber bands.
  11. chefross

    Fresh fish

    IMHO it should be the guy that catches the fish. Here in the great lakes region, many restaurants will accept your hand caught fish and will prepare it for you. They will only do that though if you caught it while on a chartered fishing boat. The charter boat captain is registered with the state...
  12. chefross

    Industrial Bone broth basics

    Thank you foodpump. I have lots of experience with the "Trunian" kettles, as we used to call them. I'd laugh at the newbies who forget to put the cage over the drain inside the kettle, then watch as they try to figure out how to unclog the spigot. Thank God for the floor drains. Those were the...
  13. chefross

    Shopping ...

    Okay, I get it. There was a time, and perhaps it's still done that street clothes were never allowed in the kitchen and that you changed at work. Didn't want you bringing in any contaminates. Many places provided your Chef's coats and pants plus one apron. Many had cleaning companies come pick...
  14. chefross

    Lasagna ...

    I have Chef and, well, you know what I said...
  15. chefross

    Shopping ...

    You aren't aware of this? I was taught that in the 70's
  16. chefross

    Shopping ...

    Iceman, great video. One other technicality I noticed. Remember as mentors we are trying to show the younger ones about safety, and sanitation. On that note Chef coats should only be worn in the kitchen and nowhere else. If you were wearing it to show the world you're a Chef, I'm sure you have...
  17. chefross

    Lasagna ...

    Congrats Iceman, but you'll never convince me that there's no difference between wonton skins and pasta. Especially since I make my own.
  18. chefross

    Do you have to do an apprenticeship to become a chef?

    Rolypoly, welcome to ChefTalk. No you don't have to have an apprenticeship to be a Chef. I must tell you though that Seoul Food is right in that you will only gain knowledge of one small part of the food service industry if you close your eyes to non-vegan cooking. I don't believe the industry...
  19. chefross

    Culinary diploma

    Hello and welcome to ChefTalk. While your 8 years of experience have taught you a few things, those years were devoted to only one way of cooking. While some of your experience may count towards academic credits, you're still going to have to attend a physical school to teach you the...
  20. chefross

    How to cook pasta at home

    I used to run a pasta station for Sunday Brunch and we made Spinach, Egg, and Tomato pasta to offer the guests. At home I found an authentic hand cranked pasta machine from Italy for $5.00 at a garage sale. The lady at the sale told me she watched her grandmother using that machine when she was...
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