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  1. tombrooklyn

    Anyone Use a Food Processor? What For?

    Do many chefs use a food processor? I never saw one in any kitchen I worked in or knew about, but I may be old school. If anyone does use them, is that because they don't have a slicing machine and a dough mixer with a grating attachment, or are there some particulars uses where a food...
  2. tombrooklyn

    How Much Difference Is There In Different Extra Virgin Olive Oils?

    How much difference is there between different brands of extra virgin olive oil? In the market for extra virgin olive oils, there is quite a variety of makers.    I have even seen a store specializing just in olive oils with a big variety of pricey, supposedly gourmet selections.  I stick...
  3. tombrooklyn

    How Do You Make Money On a $375,000. Truffle?

    How do you make money on a $375,000. truffle?    Even one that weighs 1.497 kilograms.    That's what Stanley Ho paid for a truffle several years ago.   Story here:
  4. tombrooklyn

    Which Are the Best Chocolate Bars Available in the USA?

    Which are your favorite brands and types of chocolate bars for eating (as opposed to cooking) commonly available in US Supermarkets?       I'm in NYC, so any available particularly in NYC supermarkets are OK too.
  5. tombrooklyn

    Why Saute Vegetables Going Into Slow Cooked Soup?

    Why do most recipes call for the sauteing of vegetables prior to adding them to slow cooked soup? By slow cooked, I mean soup that will be cooked for more than an hour or so. It seems to me that the vegetables are going to get more than well cooked enough in the boiling/simmering stages...
  6. tombrooklyn

    Why Split Pea Soup Tastes Burned?

    Every time I've made split pea soup, which is about three times, it has hints of a kind of burned taste. I didn't burn it any of those times. Any idea what this is and how to remedy it? The recipe I'm using is: I just wash and rinse the peas. I haven't picked any of the peas out. I...
  7. tombrooklyn

    Deep Fryers: Heat Up Time and Oil Longevity?

    1. For the typical home use deep fat fryer, how long does it take to heat it up to operating temperature? 2. How long can you leave the oil in there? I am one person generally cooking for myself and would expect to only use the fryer occassionally.
  8. tombrooklyn

    A Friendly Person Just Joined the Forum

    Somebody has joined the forum and just sent the below PM to me today. kaneweber Registered User Culinary Experience: Cook At Home Join Date: Jan 2007 Posts: 0 Greeting -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I'm new here and just wanted to...
  9. tombrooklyn

    How make soft beans?

    Hi, When I cook beans I never get them as soft as I would like no matter how long I cook them. I usually make black beans, red beans or pink beans. I'm starting with dried beans in a plastic bag, usually Goya brand. Basically I just boil them straight through for whatever length of time...
  10. tombrooklyn

    Enameled pot with a chip and some rust there.

    Is it a big problem if an enameled pot gets a chip in it and a little bit of rust develops on the spot? Can it be rubbed with Brillo or steel wool to remove 90% of the rust and still be used, or is the pot now garbage and deserving to be thrown out? I want to cook some Corned Beef and...
  11. tombrooklyn

    What Is The Best Tomato Sauce You Can Buy?

    Chow: I hope I'm not committing sacriledge here, but I was wondering what everyones favorite store bought tomato sauce in a jar is? I find most woefully lacking in taste and texture. However, I found one in a store a little ways from my house recently that was quite good. It had rich...
  12. tombrooklyn

    Julia's HB Eggs Shenanagins

    Chow: Apparently Julia Child, the Queen of Cuisine, likes to boil, then cool, then boil, then cool her hard boiled eggs. Does anyone else go through this proceedure when hard boiling eggs. My guess is that even the most finicky professional chefs would not bother with this. Below is a...
  13. tombrooklyn

    Chow From Tom Brklyn

    Hello. Boy, am I glad I found this place. I've been looking for a place to help me out in the kitchen for a long time. If anyone knows about a good forum to find out about how to clean a house, please let me know. Thanks. Signed, Relieved Repaster
  14. tombrooklyn

    Hard Boiling Eggs Crack and Leak

    Chow. I hard boiled seven eggs in about a quart and half of water in a 2 qt. approx. Revere saucepan. I put the eggs in cold water to cover about 1 1/2" and placed uncovered on a maximum flame on a residential stove. Some of eggs cracked and leaked white stuff. How can I avoid this...
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