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  1. aric87

    Some of My Core Beliefs and Practices as a Line Cook

    not that anyone wants to at this point in time, but the best thing you can do dgreen, is to go work for free. Find a place near you, tell them you want to learn, and on the busiest night of the week, find a place out of the way and observe, Watch how the cooks set up their stations, how they...
  2. aric87

    Do you get used to being screamed at?

    It is definitely not something that you are going to get away from. A kitchen is super stressful at times, and people get loud. Not saying it is right, or that it should happen, but it does. You will find, that when people are yelling, they are either assholes, or they are trying to deal with...
  3. aric87

    Solid House knives for small restaurant.

    We have a company who sharpens ours. They provide the knives, and pick them up once a week, or every other in the last place I worked.  If you purchase, I would go with dexter russel. I have one in my personal kit. Cost $20, I beat the hell out of it, sharpen it and it's good. Holds an edge...
  4. aric87


    My chef gets a three part bonus. 1/3 for food cost under a 32%, he gets 1/3 for labor under a certain %, and 1/3 for sales over a certain %. The three parts are not connected, so if he doesnt hit one, the others are still available if he makes those goals. I'm not sure what the frequency is. The...
  5. aric87


    That could work. We use a mashed potato and leek cake that gets seared as a starch on the menu already. I like the idea. Trying to find the meat, corn, potato... so with a fried potato cake, how would you change the corn? 
  6. aric87


    Havn't tried yet. I'm wondering I it will just absorb the grease? I will let ya know what happens when I do try.
  7. aric87


    I am trying to figure out a way to reconstruct shepherds pie. I was thinking of frying some mashed potato coated in popcorn instead of panko or flour. Has anyone ever tried using popcorn as a coating for fried food? 
  8. aric87

    Rookie Line Cook Advice ...?

    Learn the menu. Get a copy and write notes on it and take it home and study! There should be no reason for the chef or sous to have to tell you the same thing a million times. Once you are shown, and take notes, you should be able to walk yourself through each dish with your notes. Do this at...
  9. aric87

    A bunch of Questions for Culinary Students (Past and Present)

    If you have never been in a professional kitchen I would seriously recommend you go to the nearest busy restaurant and ask if you can watch a dinner service before you spend the money on culinary school. Working in a kitchen can be very fun and rewarding, however you have to remember... you are...
  10. aric87

    Dumbest. Waiter. Ever

    I actually started a new job today and will be working both for the time being. The manager in question is the bar/ FOH manager, but he was a cook prior to getting his bachelors in hospitality management at Johnson and Whales... So he really has no excuse. As far as throwing out food at our...
  11. aric87

    Dumbest. Waiter. Ever

    Last night I got sent home early from work for throwing away chicken. We pre-portion the chix tenders because apparently people can't count enough that we had high waste on pre cut tenders...  Anyway, so they were in potion bags labeled to be tossed tuesday... and now on thursday they were...
  12. aric87

    Basic skills class/ cuts

    pairing knives can be held in a bunch of different ways depending on how it's being used. Most of the time it will be used for a design cut, or a small fruit. Most of your slicing, like bread or a roast, you can just hold the handle as you will be using the full lentgh of the blade. When boning...
  13. aric87

    Applied for a job today...

    a very trusted friend of mine once said, "When you think you are ready to be the head chef, it is probably time to be one. If you aren't ready, you will find out in a hurry, and either pick it up quick, or go back to working for someone else knowing that they probably did know better all along."...
  14. aric87

    My first "real" job

    The scariest thing is not being confident. Learn the menu as quick as you can. We just hired someone in the corporate place I work, and she has been there or over a month and doesn't know the portions of the different chicken dishes. And it's corporate, so they are very very simple. The best...
  15. aric87

    New kitchen floor

    The place I used to work had a rubberized version of rhino liner put it. Not really sure what it was called, but it was amazing. Basically it was a spray on floor, so it never broke or came up like tile. And the sand and rocks in it gave it plenty of traction. Super easy to clean, we just...
  16. aric87

    Severe Inconsistency In My Fish Batter!

    we used to use fish-chic... it's been a while since I worked at that place, but i would imagine it was just a self rising flour. It's made by a company called drum rock. We mixed it with water until it was about the consistency that it would coat a spoon but still roll off a little (a al nape)...
  17. aric87

    continuing education.

    Are there any online courses that anyone knows of, other than through the ACF, that are worth taking to learn more about things like nutrition, or unique ingredients, or that highlight specific types of cuisine? I think learning gets tough when you are limited to what the head chef wants and is...
  18. aric87

    Better time-management?

    I work at Longhorn, which is owned by the same corporation. The way they do things really doesn't fit any sort of intelligent manner to someone who works in a scratch kitchen, or family restaurant (which I did for 7 years). The best way to speed things up is to 1 make sure you have a good way of...
  19. aric87

    First Time

    Does anyone do this anymore? It seems that, even though taste would be increased, so would the calorie intake. I think that todays health conscious society would frown upon putting extra fat in meat?
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