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  1. aric87


    I am trying to figure out a way to reconstruct shepherds pie. I was thinking of frying some mashed potato coated in popcorn instead of panko or flour. Has anyone ever tried using popcorn as a coating for fried food? 
  2. aric87

    continuing education.

    Are there any online courses that anyone knows of, other than through the ACF, that are worth taking to learn more about things like nutrition, or unique ingredients, or that highlight specific types of cuisine? I think learning gets tough when you are limited to what the head chef wants and is...
  3. aric87


    The other day I saw a book that has a ton of herbs and spices, their flavors and origin and what they are used for. Anyone have any ideas what that may be called?
  4. aric87

    angry gripe

    So the kitchen I work in part time,(a corporate kitchen) drives me nuts. Tonight, we got a pittsburgh rare steak order and the 2 top stove is in the alley behind the line where I can't see it. I threw the pan on with oil and went back on line while it heated up. My char cook (asshole) decided to...
  5. aric87

    Easy menu items.

    I just got brought on as an AKM in a pub kitchen and the chef I work for is looking for menu ideas. He runs the fine dining room attached to the pub, and I'll be running the pub kitchen. So here's the dilemma.... I have one experienced cook who works the shifts I don't, and two dishwashers that...
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