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  1. verdonne

    Pulling hair out.....the bald pastry chef

    I bake pastries and cookies etc all week, every week.....thats why I'm soooo stumped never had a problem w/anything else.........the only thing different with this poundcake is milk, lemon zest and almond extract. I purchased a new bottle of extract about a month ago, so the last 6-7 of these...
  2. verdonne

    Pulling hair out.....the bald pastry chef

    I had thought of baking powder first, but since I bake about 25 cakes a week using the same baking powder I figured it was okay. After sleeping on it I'm now beginning to wonder if it might be the latest almond extract I bought that is the only other thing besides milk in this recipe that I...
  3. verdonne

    Pulling hair out.....the bald pastry chef

    I too was wondering if they were adding something different in the milk.....didn't think of the butter, I use land o lakes as usual...maybe I'll email them and ask....we never seem to know what the manufacturers etc are doing with our ingredients do we? I always liked the texture of this...
  4. verdonne

    Pulling hair out.....the bald pastry chef

    I have been baking pastries for 45 years....and have had a problem that I can't figure out....any advice would be welcome. I have been using the same recipe for about 20 years and this last month for the first time the cake comes out sunken in the middle and does not rise to the usually height...
  5. verdonne

    Pancake syrup without corn syrup?

    Whats wrong with pure maple syrup.........
  6. verdonne

    How to make awesome fudgy brownies?

    BROWNIES 9x13 baking dish oven set 350' INGREDIENTS: 8oz Butter 4oz Unsweetened chocolate 4 Eggs 2C Sugar 1/2C Flour 1t Vanilla 2/3C Chopped nuts DIRECTIONS: Melt chocolate and butter in a double boiler. Cool to room temperature. Meanwhile beat eggs, vanilla and sugar until thick and lemon...
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