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  1. mariobatali

    Double 00 flour for making pasta

    I use double 00 for pizza and pasta. I like the one they sell in the Italian shop in Chelsea market, but you can buy it in any store that sells Italian products as well as anywhere online. For pasta, I also use durum semolina flour for a harder wheat and a thicker pasta. 
  2. mariobatali

    how to learn the flavor of individual ingredients

    To learn the flavor of individual ingredients, cook simple foods. Cook one vegetable with simple flavors—asparagus with lemon and olive oil, and identify the olive oil flavor, salt and pepper, asparagus, and lemon. As you taste individual ingredients separately as part of a whole, you can learn...
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    My family back there runs a great little restaurant out of their shop, Salumi.
  4. mariobatali

    Home Cooks Love Chef Batali!

     I hope so!
  5. mariobatali

    Olive Oil

    Certainly. I like Frantoia, but I also like Tenuta di Capezzana.
  6. mariobatali

    Single most important kitchen skill?

    We all start with knife skills, but a passion for learning and trying new things is something you just can’t teach.
  7. mariobatali

    Do you have a good wheat alternative for pasta that tastes like pasta?

    Pasta can be made with different non-wheat flours, and as long as there are good eggs in there, it should taste similar, though the texture will not be the same. Ground nut flours can make an interesting pasta. For a pasta alternative that is just as tasty, but not quite pasta, try using...
  8. mariobatali

    Quality of Food Programing

    I think we need a return to cooking programs that highlight the beauty and complexity of food and that showcase different uncommon dishes and preparations. 
  9. mariobatali

    Italian Style Cuisine For a Newly Diagnosed Diabetic

    Jason, you can still eat great, no matter what your dietary restriction. I recommend you check out my new book,Molto Gusto, for great, simple recipes with vegetables. Meats are also a great option, and you can prepare and serve meat with vegetables instead of grain.
  10. mariobatali

    Recommended Reference

    The Splendid Table. It’s a timeless classic.
  11. mariobatali

    Time Off??

    In my downtime, I like to golf, I like NASCAR, and I’ve taken up swimming. I spend a lot of time with my family, doing all sorts of things. I spent Mother’s Day with them – my folks were in from Seattle so it was nice to spend that time together just being together.  And I love Loretta Keller –...
  12. mariobatali

    your favorite..?

    I don’t have a huge sweet tooth, but I love any fried pastry—zeppole, or fritele.
  13. mariobatali

    Help with talking to vendors.

    The best way to get to know your vendors is to tell them what you cook, what you cook with, and what you need, and to ask them what they like and what they use. Listen to what they say. Every vendor wants to know what their customer wants, and if the customer talks to them, they will get to know...
  14. mariobatali

    Your mentor

    Hi Ed, I have many mentors, and all have contributed to my professional development, and continue to contribute to my professional development. Marco Pierre White, for taking me in after culinary school; my father, for realizing his own culinary dreams; my wife and my kids, for teaching me new...
  15. mariobatali

    Regarding pastured eggs:

    Of course the difference between store-bought eggs and the eggs you buy from your local farmer is staggering. Good, fresh eggs, especially from farmers that take care of their chickens and let them live as chickens were meant to live, make the best pasta, the best pastry crust, and the best...
  16. mariobatali

    How do you prepare for Iron Chef?

    To get ready for Iron Chef, my team and I talk over our overall strategy and mentally get in the game. We do know who will be competing before the show, but we don’t know the secret ingredient. It’s ok though – it keeps things fair and interesting!
  17. mariobatali

    sous-vide cooking

    Sous vide is great, but not really my kind of style. We don’t really use it at our restaurants, well, because its not really our style. But It is a delicious way to cook meat and retain all of the delicious juiciness of it.
  18. mariobatali

    Advice for aspiring Chefs

    You may get frustrated sometimes, but just remember that it takes practice and patience!
  19. mariobatali

    Your knife of choice

    Hi Dan, I’m not really particular about any certain brand of knife, just a chef’s knife that’s razor sharp and easy to handle. I would really recommend sending your knives out every so often to be professionally sharpened—especially if you have good knives, it really makes a difference.
  20. mariobatali

    OT Tailgating

    Michael Waltrip and Jimmie Johnson are great drivers. My perfect tailgating menu would be sausage and peppers, some shrimp kabobs, chili, wings, and a lot of good beer.
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