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  1. osamaru

    Is it safe to Reuse Pasta Water?

    So I make a lot of Pasta and homemade Ramen. When I'm cooking them, I often add some broth and Seasoning to the Boiling water to give the Pasta a little more Zest. However, that also gets expensive, so what I started to do was reuse the Pasta Water itself; After cooking, the Pasta Water goes...
  2. osamaru

    New Discovery (for me!); [Real] Maple Syrup in Lemonade!

    So I went to make some Homemade lemonade, and saw I was out of my go-to Honey. But I DID have some "real" maple syrup left over. So I figured "Why Not?" Best Decision of my Life. How have I never known about this before?! I...I don't think I can go back to Honey, now.
  3. osamaru

    Pearl Onion Stuffed Meatballs? What's the best way to do it?

    So, I've been thinking of some experiments I want to try out, and one of them is Pearl Onion Stuffed Meatballs. Its a simple concept; take some Pearl Onions, Marinate them in a Vinegar sauce with your choice of seasoning, and then wrap seasoned ground beef around them. The idea is to give the...
  4. osamaru

    Why does Blueberry, Cherry, and Spiced Apple Tea go so well when cooking beef?

    So I found out this one by mistake one, when I poured my Spiced Apple tea into my Beef Stew by mistake (never keep your Drinks and Seasoning cups beside each other hahahahahaha!). But to my honest surprised, it actually turned out REALLY Good. There's just something about the Tea that punches...
  5. osamaru

    How to add Eggs to a Chili?

    So I've got some Eggs I need to get rid of, but I was going to make Chili tonight. I thought about just cracking them open and addend then to the sauce to thicken it up a bit and add some more protein. But that seems a little...boring. Can anyone suggest some other methods?
  6. osamaru

    How to properly prepare Quince?

    If you asked my family, they'd tell you I was a I'm a Fruit Fanatic. I prefer Connoisseur! XD Naturally, whenever my Local stores get anything "Special" I jump all over it. I even dropped $30 on a Jackfruit about 2 years back. My Mom thought I was crazy when I dropped a Toddler sized spiky...
  7. osamaru

    Is there any real parallel Technique like this? (chicken)

    So, I went to make dinner today, but the chicken breast I had was.... Subpar, to say the least. I said to heck with it, and just threw it in a pot to boil with some veggie stock and spices, thinking I'd just make a Burrito with it or something. After a while boiling, it still wasn't that...
  8. osamaru

    Tips you wish you'd known when you first started cooking

    I was going to make this something like "Things I learned Cooking with no formal training". But everything on that list would be pretty obvious to the more experienced Chefs on this forum. So I though that since everyone has their own experiences and skill sets, I could turn this into a...
  9. osamaru

    Can I Steam my frozen Veggies before Stir-Frying them?

    I like to use Frozen Veggies for my Stir-Fries; They last longer than fresh, are more nutritious and tend to come pre-prepped, meaning less work. One big downside to using them however, is that they tend to be very... Moist, right out of the bag, adding a lot of moisture to your stir-fry and...
  10. osamaru

    Blueberries in a Savory/Veggie dish.

    So I found some decent Blueberries, recently; Not so tangy that they overpower the Blueberry flavor, but not to so sweet that they're Bleh. The Problem is their texture. They are pretty Dry and REALLY seedy. Thus they're not really great for eating. So I thought about trying to do something...
  11. osamaru

    What is this cooking method for Rice?

    This is something a friend of mine does this and it results in a really nutty, flavorful rice, but He has no idea what it actually is he's doing, and I can't find anything on google. Does anyone know what it is? What he does is; First, He heats up a bit of oil in a pan or pot on high heat and...
  12. osamaru

    Am I making a Broth, Soup, or Stock?

    I've been playing around with Ramen recently, trying to figure out how to really bring out the best of the idea (granted, its instant, bwhaahha! mostly because you can't get restaurant quality dry noodles around here). What I normally do, is bring some water to a boil and add some spices and...
  13. osamaru

    Spiced Cider Coffee, Best ratios?

    So This is a mix I discovered completely by Accident. I was making a Spiced Apple Tea and Ice Coffee in the Fridge, and forgot which was which (they Looked pretty similar). Well, I ended up mixing the Tea with some fresh(ish) coffee by mistake. Surprisingly, It was actually pretty good. The...
  14. osamaru

    How to cook Rice with Tea?

    I bought a bit bag of Jasmine Rice, mostly to use in Stir-Fry, since I heard it was a really good type of rice. <.< But I messed up, and got a 5 pound bag, not realizing How much that actually was. So i've been looking at things to use it for, and someone brought up a suggestion that Intrigued...
  15. osamaru

    Lemon Soaked Carrots?

    A few years back, I was at a restaurant, and one of the sides was essentially "shredded Carrots soaked in lemon juice" (not sure what it was actually called). Honestly, I wasn't sure what to think about it, It seems like a very weird combo. But I fell in love with it. Its a very unique, airy...
  16. osamaru

    When making Veggie stock, can you blend the Veggies?

    I was making a Veggie stock recently, and an idea hit me. Would it be a good idea to use a Hand Mixer/blinder/Food Processor to shred up all that "leftover" veggies and strain it to get that last bit of veggie goodness out? I can think of a few things to do with the resulting Pulp, but I'm...
  17. osamaru

    How do I make a really thin Cheese Sauce/Emulsion?

    I've been experimenting with Ramen recently, and one of the things I've tried was to make the soup itself really cheesy, and give it a nice flavor. However, it didn't really work well. I've tried everything from adding another starch like potatos to thicken it (makes it to thick and not really...
  18. osamaru

    Grilled Jackfruit?

    So, I recently got a hold of a small Jackfruit (well I say "Small", but its 20 pounds, Bwahahhaha), something I've wanted to try for awhile now, and now that I have it, I've been trying to think of WHAT to do with it BWAHAHAHHAAH. After splitting it up with those that chipped it (was $30 and...
  19. osamaru

    So it begins.

    Hey all, just wanted to stop in and Introduce myself. I'm 24 old Male, who loves to Cook and Experiment. While I don't have any professional training (I graduated from Youtube state) in the culinary field, I've always liked the IDEA of Cooking; Of mixing and matching your different "pieces" to...
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