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    A chef wants to work in Canada/Toronto

    Hey everyone, My name is Ferhan and I graduated from the University 6 months ago, while I was studying also I worked in many restaurants as part timed worker. Mostly I was line cook or demi chef as the title. Now I work as a baker/pastry chef. The patisserie I work with is a French family...
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    Two Kitchen Mates Looking for a Job

    Hello for contact you can send mail anytime [email protected] Me and my friend going to graduate this summer from the university. We are studying culinary arts and management. We complete each other in the kitchen that's why we want to continue our adventure together. Words are not as...
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    The one who is trying to be a Chef

    I know whats going on in UK and Spain and i know Norway not in EU but i tried to say Europe countries, sorry about missunderstanding. I find Nordic countries masmerazing but i try to always consider the what European countries think about Turkey. Im not religious or a fanatic person but, most...
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    The one who is trying to be a Chef

    First of all i salute you all, im new at this forum and i found lots of helpfull tips here its amazing. I have couple questions in my mind but first i like to introduce myself, im 23years old who is studying Culinary Arts and Management in Izmir, Turkey and i still got one more year to...
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