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  1. bhirsch

    Chinese Chestnut Recipe

    When I was in Beijing I bought a bag of chestnuts in the shell from a vendor in one of the night markets. They tasted and looked like they were boiled, not roasted, and were sweet. What made them especially pleasing was that it was very easy to remove the shell AND the inner skin. Does anybody...
  2. bhirsch

    Corn Silk and Corn Kernels

    I have tried everything I can think of to remove corn silk from the ears: brushes, sponges, and fingers; dry and running water. Nothing seems to do a very good job. I have also tried different ways of removing the kernels from the cob but they always come out different sizes and more or less in...
  3. bhirsch

    How Long Do Black Truffles Keep?

    I have never tasted truffles so my wife splurged and bought a few for me from a local gourmet store. They smelled like earth. However, after I cleaned them with a brush and a little water the aroma went completely away, so I guess I was just smelling some soil that was stuck to them. The problem...
  4. bhirsch

    Onions turned green while frying

    I had a strange thing happen the other day. I was frying some onions and garlic which had been pureed in a food processor, and they turned bright green! The pan was copper and my first thought was that the tinning was bad, but I checked and the tin was fine. Using a different batch of onions...
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