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  1. chefelle

    Gluten free

    You're going to need to purchase either some xanthan or guar gum to help with the texture.  I don't buy any of the flour blends available...I just make my own.  It's a combination of rice flour, cornstarch, potato flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, and tapioca starch.  It reacts well in place...
  2. chefelle

    Excessive "Cakeage" Fees

    This happened a few times at a restaurant I where I was employed as the pastry chef. Here's the frustrating thing....there are few restaurants in my area that actually employ pastry chefs any fact...that was THE ONLY pastry chef job on the whole island.  My desserts were well...
  3. chefelle

    Buttercream and frosting help

    Boiled icing here (which I think now goes by seven minute frosting) is just a sugar syrup (with the addition of corn syrup) and egg whites and cream of tartar ...that's it.  It's like a glorified meringue.  I don't like it...but it's very popular here.  You couldn't decorate with it...
  4. chefelle

    is becoming a pastry chef the smart move?

    Well said, Annie.  I can do baking and pastry because my husband has a good job that pays the bills.  I'd probably have to live in my shop to get by if I didn't have him to support and help me financially.  I also have a Bachelor's degree and a Master's in an entirely different field so I do...
  5. chefelle

    Premade Fondant vs Homemade Fondant

    I make mine...but doing wedding cakes is only a small portion of my business.  If I did wedding cakes exclusively I'd have to find a brand I liked and order it in.
  6. chefelle

    Cheese Check: What's in your fridge?

    Feta...lots of it Asiago Parmiggiano reggiano Aged white cheddar Medium orange cheddar Provolone Cream cheese I almost always have some Romano but I think I'm out.
  7. chefelle

    most hated kitchen smell

    Forgot about asafoetida....oh yeah...that's brutal.
  8. chefelle

    most hated kitchen smell

    Sesame oil...I HATE the smell of sesame oil. The smell of beef bones roasting in the oven.  Can't stand that either...makes me want to vomit. I'm sure there are many more....these are only the few I can think of at the moment. 
  9. chefelle

    Canele moulds

    Just looked up the formula for chocolate canneles in Au Coeur des Saveurs and the formula looks essentially the same as Herme's (only bigger and with the addition of cocoa and some chocolate) but the temp he lists is 375 F.  He says 35-40 minutes is the bake time--there is no mention of mold...
  10. chefelle

    Canele moulds

    The only thing I changed from Herme's recipe was the conversion which I looked up.  180 degrees C is 356 degrees F.  190 is 374 degrees F.  I only posted the 350 degrees as I was rushed for time and I wanted to get a recipe up there...safer to post the lower temp than the higher one in most...
  11. chefelle

    Canele moulds

    I never used the beeswax. I just buttered the molds really, really well and they came out fine. As for cleaning them, I don't think you're supposed to wash them at all.  I just use an old pastry brush to scrub out whatever sticks to the inside.  Pierre Herme says to rub the inside of the mold...
  12. chefelle

    Canele moulds

    I hear ya, Annie.  That's the same reason I had my friend pick up some silicone molds for me...only six copper molds was rather limiting. Funny though.....trying to sell canneles in Canada was an interesting proposition.  Everyone thought that I burnt the ratsnot out of them because they were...
  13. chefelle

    Canele moulds

    How did they turn out, Annie?  A friend of mine sent me a bunch of silicone molds from France.  Haven't used them yet.
  14. chefelle

    Canele moulds

    Canneles Recipe from "La Patisserie de Pierre Herme" 500 cc (16 oz) milk 1 vanilla bean On the previous day, split and scrape the vanilla bean and add the seeds and pod to the milk in a small saucepan.  Bring mixture to the boil.  Once boiled, remove from heat and allow cool.  Cover and...
  15. chefelle

    Canele moulds

    I use the one from Pierre Herme's La Patisserie de Pierre Herme.  They come out perfectly.  I can post the formula for you if you'd like. Nice molds by the way.  I paid over $250 for mine...they are just like yours and I only got six of them for the price.
  16. chefelle

    Any And All Professional Bakers -- Quantity Pie Crusts

    I do alot of pie baking for my wholesale restaurant accounts.  I have never done huge quantities of pie crust at one time even though I do have all of the equipment to do it.  As BDL suggests I do smaller batches, by hand (no mixers!),,,,,the maximum amount I get per batch is about 15.  It...
  17. chefelle

    Newbe here (Old member of C2C)

    I am here, Silvercliff46...and there are others of us floating around Cheftalk as well. Welcome, friend!
  18. chefelle

    What do you wear in the kitchen?

    Good advice, Foodpump!
  19. chefelle

    What do you wear in the kitchen?

    I wear red chef's coats from Chefwear....they make some nice jackets for women and I especially like the cut of this particular jacket I am wearing now.  With the jackets I wear black pin striped dress pants from Mark's Work Warehouse, a black bistro apron, and black kitchen clogs.  I find no...
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