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    Do you think this is an unusual health code regulation?

    What strikes me as bizarre about this situation is that it would appear that the inspections are triggered by an address and nothing more. Not by a company name, not a registered "cottage" business, nothing. I mean you have to pay a license fee to get registered as a commercial kitchen, the...
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    Chefs cleaning toilets

    So you never use a washroom during a shift? Please describe your method of toilet cleaning that requires full body decontamination afterward.
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    Chefs cleaning toilets

    Not to sound harsh but this comes off a little precious to me. In a smaller, "everybody does everything" venue I don't see the problem. Glove up, change your jacket (or whatever uniform) and toque, I don't see the issue. I mean, are you willing to clean a trap?
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    Mother's Day 2018

    Next year I don't think I will put out menues for Mother's Day brunch. Its not like anybody wants to order off of it anyway...
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    Where are you with "meat glue?"

    That's completely false. There is no TG in McNuggets, it wasn't "developed" by Mc'Ds. Where did you get that idea?
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    Build out and Egg service for local bagel shop - need input

    Well, there would be no need to vac bag anything. BPH free zippies would be used for scrambles, if you went that way, so about 4-6 cents. Otherwise, just use the shell. Labour to prep is nominal for in the shell, and pretty slight for a scramble, comparable to properly maintaining a flattop...
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    Build out and Egg service for local bagel shop - need input

    Between 45 min and an hour, I personally go two hours. Retherm 5-7 min from the fridge. And, of course you can stay ahead by a few orders at peak times. For a "scramble" style in a bag, if packed thin, even less.
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    Build out and Egg service for local bagel shop - need input

    I wouldn't have any real problem with that at all, especially for a specific use like we are talking about. If they have clear procedures and can figure out how to use a timer it wouldnt be any kind of problem. We trust kids to use deep friers and broilers, this would be way less of a concern.
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    Build out and Egg service for local bagel shop - need input

    This is a situation made for low temp / sous vide applications. Best bang for your buck in terms of equipment costs, relative ease in training and if you use circulators over standing water baths gives you much more flexibility in your set up.
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    Dalcam Customer Service

    Quick question for operators that use Dalcam sanitation products. One of my vendors deals with Dalcam exclusively. A part of this that their tech's do "free" (I know, I know) light service, instaling pumps for soaps/santizer stations, calibrating dishwashers, etc. More than a month ago I...
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    Reusing food from a buffet line

    There is a place in my town that reportedly would collect the shells from touristy lobster dinners and use them for "bisque" . So gross.
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    Fondue To Order - Best Technique

    I would echo Someday (and Foodpump to an extent) and make your own fondue mix with sodium citrate, or alginate. Its bullet proof once you get your balance right. You can get a cheese/wine/whatever blend that suits your style with little to no starch. As much as starch will help prevent...
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    Things that grind your gears on cooking television?

    My wife is a lawyer and law me, we get off pretty easy in the mass media department!
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    Too much focus on plating, too little on taste among young chefs?

    Probably yes. At the same time, you are in a school setting. That's kind of the time to dic about and try things. From the way you described things being received, hopefully your classmates got a bit of an ego check from this demo. I certainly think its more fundamental to have good tasting...
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    Steak again? New to me technique?

    Ha!  I started doing this as "mother of invention" situation, busy brunch, short on pans, short on space, you know the drill.  Like I say, I found I got really good results with my "brunch steak", that being a marinaided sirloin tip.  Not much fat to render there, to the point where I brush more...
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    Steak again? New to me technique?

    I blow throw a bunch of top sirloin steaks on weekends using a similar method.  Its good.  Mind you, that comes from me working with the equipment and space that I have.  And practice!
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    Steak again? New to me technique?

    If he had a way with cooking the way he has with words the world would be marginially different
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    Steak again? New to me technique?

    Thanks pretty much what I do with my brunch steaks.  I do season pre-sear, and brush some of the same seasoning whisked into some oil right before hitting the broiler.  I do use an electric deck broiler that gets about as hot as electric will and has a top and bottom element.
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    Never thought about doing this before (Knife Skills)

    Well, damn.  Now I feel like a punter.  Me being me, I can't help but wondering about stuffing the skin....
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    Outside Event Deep Frying -- Any Advice?

    Average air temps in Halifax in mid-May are between 41F and 54F, so I am not super concerned with freezing lines.  Of course you never know for thanks for the warning!
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