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  2. cheech

    Food Cost Percentage

    Hello all, I am working on a project at my place of employment, and I am hoping that you all can help me. I'm looking for the equation you use to determine the food cost in your operation. I work in a retail operation, and I am trying to determine our true food cost. We incur alot of loss and...
  3. cheech

    Aloe and/or other cactus

    I was at the grocery store this week and found aloe leaves in the produce section. I was wondering if any of you have a recipe, or any Idea how to use such a thing.
  4. cheech

    Choosing a vendor...

    Thanks for the info guys. My current company just isn't that accomidating to my needs, and I feel it's time for a change. I actually get alot of things that I don't order, and it frustrates me, so I'm going to change to another company that I've worked with in the past at other properties.
  5. cheech

    Choosing a vendor...

    Hey all, I am getting ready to switch seafood vendors, but have never done this kind of thing before. Anyone have any advise as far as questions to ask, or how to choose one company over another. Any advise would be appreciated. Also, if anyone knows a good fish company that services the...
  6. cheech

    Just got a new job.....

    Yes turnover is a part of everyday life in this business, but i look at it like this. In a lot of instances, you are dealing with less than highly educated individuals, many of them under the influence of one or more substances. A little extra stress, and the promise of a few cents more down...
  7. cheech

    A question of insurance.

    My advise, if you want to cook with full benefits, is to get a full-time job with either a chain resaurant or a large hotel chain. Both would offer health insurance, plus usually some other extra's to make you feel good about working there. As far as if you should/shouldn't have health...
  8. cheech

    Commercial Bias Slicer?

    Could you possibly purchase the carrots pre-cut from your purveyor?
  9. cheech

    Time for new kitchen shoes....

    Check out this website. They have clogs for about $40 and they are non-slip, etc.
  10. cheech

    Does Your Partner Like Food?

    I am very lucky, my wife has worked in the kitchen for almost as long as I have. We both understand the challenges that come with a job in the kitchen, and often bounce ideas off of one another. My experience with picky eaters is that if you want to expand thier horizons, you have to sneek it...
  11. cheech

    Any Hyatt alumni out there?

    I worked at the Hyatt Regency in Cincinnati from 97 to 01. I learned alot there but didn't really like it. I didn't feel that the management really cared about the associates under them. I did enjoy the benefits though. We stayed at the Grand Cypress for our honeymoon.
  12. cheech

    Anyone- help me throw the dishdog a bone

    The hotel that I used to work in did not allow steel wool either, but our distributor had a heavy-duty scrub pad that worked just as well.
  13. cheech

    Please help

    Browns- By reading the recipe, is the potato there to bind the rest together? If so, how about bread crumbs and egg to replace the potato.
  14. cheech

    Stop PETA Now !!

    I read about this in the paper a few weeks ago and got a HUGE laugh out of it. Some people really do have too much time on thier hands! In Kentucky (my home state) PETA tried to get the state capital to remove a bust of Colonel Sanders from the Capital building. No one fear, the bust still...
  15. cheech

    Chef Uniforms

    I'm partial to univogue, but if you're buyin', I'm not picky at all! :lol:
  16. cheech

    Hotel or Restaurant?

    I have been in this line of work for over 10 years now, and I have worked both the restaurant and hotel side. I currently work in a hotel, and don't think I'll leave the hotel side for this reason. This business burns you out quickly, whether it be 400 covers a night, or 5 large banquets at...
  17. cheech

    New to the Kitchen

    I usually feel comfortable in a new kitchen after the first week or so, depending on the people, etc. Everyone's confidence is different, but if you feel comfortable with the job you have taken, you should have no problems. When I'm looking at a job, I try to match my personality with the...
  18. cheech

    Any advice for a first timer?

    Thanks y'all. I've been a kitchen supervisor for 3 years, and have decided to move on to a different property. I am a little nervous because I have been at my present hotel for 5 years. I have experience in both line and banquet cooking, and obviously in supervision, but much of the "office...
  19. cheech

    Any advice for a first timer?

    No not that! I accepted my first Sous Chef job this weekend, and am really looking forward to it. Any advise would be appreciated!
  20. cheech

    The Best of The Worst

    52. Yes, please sit in the empty seat at my table to take my order.
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