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  1. lolamb10

    chef-y terms...

    hi all, as a big fan of cooking shows like top chef, the contestants are all variously titled -- executive sous chef, chef de cuisine, sous chef, etc.  what do all of these terms signify?  what is the restaurant hierarchy? thanks for the clarification, guys!
  2. lolamb10

    wedding registry - the essentials??

    hi all!  i've love some advice from all of those professional chefs and home cooks out there... my fiance and i are putting together our wedding registry, and we basically need to start from scratch with regard to cooking equipment and kitchen supplies. i'd love any/all advice on what...
  3. lolamb10

    cooking for two -- advice?

    hi all, i'm trying to be better about cooking dinners at home regularly. because there are only two of us, it feels like it doesn't always end up being more cost conscious to actually cook at home because a recipe will only use half a head of cabbage, for example.  sometimes i'll make a pasta...
  4. lolamb10

    Good recipe for lentils-yam-goat cheese-arugula?

    i'm a novice cook and fell in love with a cold salad i tried at a small local grocer months ago... it was lentils, (baked?) yam, and goat cheese, with some peppery arugula in there too.  it had a nice kick to it, but was relatively mild in the spice arena.  i'm a novice cook so i'm looking for...
  5. lolamb10

    Austin, TX recs?

    hi all, heading to austin in a few weeks.  i know it's known for some really good food and has a fun, eclectic vibe....any favorite restaurants or bars that i have to hit up?? thanks in advance everyone! ~lola
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