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  1. missyjean

    "Must Have" Cookbooks?

    I am not a fan of that book either. I prefer my books with weight measurements
  2. missyjean

    Buying a Sheet Pan: What to look for

    I bought one Lincoln Food Service tray-the tray recommended by Cook's Illustrated.  I love it.  I wanted to order another one but found Vollrath is now the manufacturer of these trays.  I ordered one and only 3 sides touched the counter.  I called the seller and they me another one which did the...
  3. missyjean

    What are you reading these days (cookbook wise)

    Which recipes have you made so far?
  4. missyjean

    What are you reading these days (cookbook wise)

    I just got Death By Chocolate. I can't wait to begin making some of the recipes and I don't even like chocolate 
  5. missyjean

    What are you reading these days (cookbook wise)

    I love this book. One of my favorite recipes is the chicken and pears.  Whenever I serve it, my guests are impressed and it is delicious
  6. missyjean

    Healthy Substitutions for Baking

    I use organic eggs and organic buttermilk and sour cream.  When I need to use shortening, I use non-hydrogenated, organic, Spectrum.
  7. missyjean

    Mac Pro Chefs Knife for home use

    Thanks BDL. Your advice is always very appreciated and followed by me.  I bought the Mac pro on your advice and LOVE it.  I think I probably need a sharpener about now.  Your post came just in time for me. Thank you!  
  8. missyjean

    Suggestions for yummy recipes in Le Creuset pot...

    I bought the Le Creuset cleaner and it takes every mark off in an instant
  9. missyjean

    Suggestions for yummy recipes in Le Creuset pot...

    Congratulations! I recently got one too, for my birthday.  The first thing I made was Julia Child's Casserole roast Pork on page 380 of Mastering The Art of French Cooking Volume 1, which I marinated using the Salt Marinade with Herbs and Spices on page 376. All I have to say is OMG!!!!! The...
  10. missyjean

    French Cookbooks

    After you mentioned it, I did remember the review here but it didn't come to mind when I was doing a search on a book site.   This time I won't be ordering through Amazon.  I have a gift card elsewhere which I have to use today.   The reason I am looking for French books is because I cooked...
  11. missyjean

    French Cookbooks

    Dorie was on Martha Stewart. Together, they made a stuffed pumpkin recipe which looked delicious.  I looked through the book in the store.  The recipe for a beef in casserole with a mashed potato topping (Dorie notes ground beef can be substituted) sounds like something easy and delicious to...
  12. missyjean

    French Cookbooks

    Thank you! I would never have found that without your suggestion. I'll order it. I also ordered Jacques Pepin's  Complete Technique, based on the reviews on this forum,.. I can't wait to get it. Any opinion on Dorie Greenspan's Around My French Table?
  13. missyjean

    French Cookbooks

    I love Mastering The Art Of French Cooking so much, I want to cook French more often.  I would like to get another book French book.   Any suggestions?
  14. missyjean

    Authentic Italian and French cookbooks

    Are the recipes similar in The Way to Cook and Mastering The Art...?
  15. missyjean

    Book recommendations for the home chef?

    Which is the best printing to buy? 
  16. missyjean

    And The Winners Are.......

    Congratulations to the winners!
  17. missyjean

    Got a new Le Creuset cast iron dutch oven, now what?

    Thanks to everyone for the help. I ordered the 7.25 LC and received it on Wednesday.   I can't wit to try it As soon as the snow melts here, I am going to the store/library to look for one-pot cookbooks If anyone has any favorites, please let me know Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  18. missyjean

    Recommend a good Italian food book please

    I highly recommend the cookbook from Mama Leone's Restaurant I first acquired this book in 1970 and cooked from it the length of my marriage. After my husband passed away, I gave this book to my son I have since remarried and was able to find a reprint on Amazon If you want your "gravy" to...
  19. missyjean

    Enamel Coated Dutch/French Ovens

    I did read that review.  ATK chose the Tramontina over the Lodge because Tramontina was larger and cost less.  From what I understood in their review, the 3 brands were comparable. I value their reviews.  I own a 6 qt Lodge.  I used it this morning to boil chicken for my dogs.   I was planning...
  20. missyjean

    Enamel Coated Dutch/French Ovens

    Have you every tried this?
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