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    Anyone Use a Food Processor? What For?

    Do many chefs use a food processor? I never saw one in any kitchen I worked in or knew about, but I may be old school. If anyone does use them, is that because they don't have a slicing machine and a dough mixer with a grating attachment, or are there some particulars uses where a food...
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    Kilts in the kitchen?

    I had planned to look at a lot of men wearing kilts today, but I wasn't able to make it to the parade. Many kilts are pleated and would therefore be subject to billowing. They would seem hazardous in terms of getting caught in and on things.
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    How Much Difference Is There In Different Extra Virgin Olive Oils?

    How much difference is there between different brands of extra virgin olive oil? In the market for extra virgin olive oils, there is quite a variety of makers.    I have even seen a store specializing just in olive oils with a big variety of pricey, supposedly gourmet selections.  I stick...
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    Oils: Which is the best?

    What plant is canola oil made from?  I never heard of a canola plant. Aren't most of the vegetables grown now genetically modified to grow bigger, tastier, be hardier, etc.? 
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    Olive oil turns to a solid in my fridge!!!

    should olive oil be refrigerated after opening? how long does it keep after being opened?
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    How Do You Make Money On a $375,000. Truffle?

    How do you make money on a $375,000. truffle?    Even one that weighs 1.497 kilograms.    That's what Stanley Ho paid for a truffle several years ago.   Story here:
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    Which Are the Best Chocolate Bars Available in the USA?

    Which are your favorite brands and types of chocolate bars for eating (as opposed to cooking) commonly available in US Supermarkets?       I'm in NYC, so any available particularly in NYC supermarkets are OK too.
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    Why Saute Vegetables Going Into Slow Cooked Soup?

    Why do most recipes call for the sauteing of vegetables prior to adding them to slow cooked soup? By slow cooked, I mean soup that will be cooked for more than an hour or so. It seems to me that the vegetables are going to get more than well cooked enough in the boiling/simmering stages...
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    How make soft beans?

    - I've never found beans to cause flatulence. Maybe because I've eaten them from time to time my whole life. And I cook them in the soaking water. - After soaking overnight a few times, I'm sold on the superiority of that method. I'm amazed at how much the beans grow just from soaking...
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    Why Split Pea Soup Tastes Burned?

    Hi Suzanne, right after reading Ed's suggestion to soak, I noticed your advisement to avoid it. I didn't think it was required, but I didn't think there was any harm in it. Why do feel they shouldn't be?
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    Why Split Pea Soup Tastes Burned?

    Hi Ed, With peas, like beans, I didn't think soaking was necessary, but it does shorten the cooking time. I usually soak beans now, because I like them soft and I find soaking takes a couple of hours off the usual 5-6 I cook them without soaking. I haven't bothered soaking with peas, but...
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    Why Split Pea Soup Tastes Burned?

    Hi Grey, I haven't seen a brownish cast, but like you say if doesn't actually taste burnt, like if it was clearly burnt. But it does have a sort of burned/scorched taste. I did get a thin brown layer on the bottom. It was brown, not black like something that was clearly burnt. I've burnt...
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    Why Split Pea Soup Tastes Burned?

    Hi Dan, I usually use a Cuisinart stainless steel 4 qt w/ the triple sandwich metal going up the sides. Can't get a much better pot than that, I don't think. 2 pounds barely fits in there though, especially if I add a lot of vegetables, so in the future I might try an enamaled steel 6 quart...
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    Why Split Pea Soup Tastes Burned?

    Hi. Thanks for all the feedback. I usually use a very heavy bottom pot from Cuisinart. Still, upon closer examination last night, I found a think layer of brown stuck to the bottom of the pan. I usually make two bags (2 pounds) at a time in a 4 quart pot that they almost fill (after...
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    Why Split Pea Soup Tastes Burned?

    Every time I've made split pea soup, which is about three times, it has hints of a kind of burned taste. I didn't burn it any of those times. Any idea what this is and how to remedy it? The recipe I'm using is: I just wash and rinse the peas. I haven't picked any of the peas out. I...
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    Deep Fryers: Heat Up Time and Oil Longevity?

    Sounds good. * What's the best kind of oil or grease to use for general deep frying? I'm most interested in making onion rings and vegetable tempura. * If I strained the oil and put it in a sealed container and into the frig when I'm done, how long would the oil last?
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    Deep Fryers: Heat Up Time and Oil Longevity?

    It sounds like a deep fryer might not be very practical for me, as most of the time I'd be likely to use once or twice a week to make one serving of something for one person. It would work out that I'd usually be changing the grease for every serving or every other serving of food cooked...
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    Deep Fryers: Heat Up Time and Oil Longevity?

    1. For the typical home use deep fat fryer, how long does it take to heat it up to operating temperature? 2. How long can you leave the oil in there? I am one person generally cooking for myself and would expect to only use the fryer occassionally.
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    Commercial ranges in home kitchen?

    Some of those commercial ranges have a lot of pilot lights.
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