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  1. brandon odell

    Check it out

    I just got the prize for a contest for my chef's this month. Think it will motivate them? 63 layers of ancient Japanese technology with a modern, comfy non-slip grip.
  2. brandon odell

    Weekly Meal Prep Chef in St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago or Wichita

    Friend that Cooks Personal Chefs is seeking talented up and coming chefs to join our family in the cities listed above. This is a part time position that can grow to full time as your client list grows.The hours are mostly Mon-Fri morning and afternoons with occasional Friday and Saturday...
  3. brandon odell

    What are you growing this year?

    My herbs did really well last year. My tomatoes and peppers, not so much. This year, I'm planting a lot more herbs. I think I have 14 different types. I'm trying tomatoes again in a different part of the yard that gets better sun. I'm also adding a yellow tomato that did really well at local...
  4. brandon odell

    Books on presentation technique

    I'd have to say one of my weaknesses when cooking is presentation, and I have had a real problem finding books on plating techniques. My presentation style is great for a bistro or your average $30-40 a head dinner party, but sometimes I have menus that I feel deserve more "pizzazz", and I...
  5. brandon odell

    New member, "Hi"!

    Hello all, I just found the ChefTalk website today. I love finding another active forum with restaurant owners, chefs and other culinary professionals. I myself am a food service consultant and owner of a home chef service that operates in the Kansas City and Wichita metros in Kansas and...
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