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  1. waynus

    Review by 'waynus' on item 'Four Kitchens: Beautiful, mouth-watering, restaurant-quality food to cook at home'

    This is a really useful cookbook for those who want to improve the standard of their family meals. The recipes are most definately restaurant quality and display a variety of approaches with familiar ingredients and techniques. I feel that many restaurant cookbooks of late fall into the "food...
  2. waynus

    Review by 'waynus' on item 'Tasty Express'

    This book came unexpectedly across my desk and I must say it has been a wonderful volume to explore. Lots of books have appeared in recent times from food bloggers and this one fits into that category. This is a practical hands on book with everyday recipes that are simply explained and easy to...
  3. waynus

    Review by 'waynus' on item 'Rick Stein's India: In Search of the Perfect Curry: Recipes from my Indian Odyssey'

    Love Rick Stein! I've attended a couple of courses at his cookery school, and eaten in his restaurants in Padstow and in NSW, Australia. I've got to say, I'm getting weary of his Asian cookery travels, though. This is his second or even third series based in the region.   Rick Stein has...
  4. waynus

    Review by 'waynus' on item 'What's for Dinner?: Delicious Recipes for a Busy Life'

    I first saw Curtis on television many years ago in a program called Surfing the Menu which involved travelling around different surf breaks and exploring food destinations and cooking along the way. It was a funny and entertaining program. In Australia he is known as the face of Coles one of our...
  5. waynus

    Review by 'waynus' on item 'Tasting India'

    I have always loved Indian food but like many who have never travelled to india itself i have often wondered how authentic the Indian food i have eaten actually is. This book has convinced me of one thing to truly learn about Indian food you have to go to India. Indian food is so diverse and...
  6. waynus

    What's Wrong With Amazon?

    I buy almost all my cookbooks on line. Unfortunately Amazon charges so much for postage it simply is not worth it. Most Australians that buy online, buy from The Book depository because it does not charge such outrageous rates. 
  7. waynus

    Vegetarian Cookbooks

    I have found that this book New Complete Vegetarian by Rose Elliot, to be invaluable and very comprehensive .
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  9. waynus

    Vegetarian Cookbooks

    My partner and I are moving in together soon and she is a vegetarian. I was wondering what vegetarian cookbooks people on this forum would recommend?
  10. waynus

    Luke Mangan's Autobiography

    The Making of a Chef Luke Mangan An interesting autobiography that gives a real insight into the cooking industry,  the writer describes himself as not so much as a culinary genius but as a hard worker dedicated to succeed.  For those of us outside the industry the glamour that the current...
  11. waynus

    Good magazines?

    It may well be hard to get, the details are available from "" The magazine is published via our national broadcaster something like PBL? The profits go back into fund public broadcasting. It always seems funny to us in Australia how...
  12. waynus

    Good magazines?

    I would suggest "Delicious", hard to go past for us Australians, seems to strike the right balance between news, recipes and reflection.
  13. waynus

    authentic asian cookbooks?

    Having recently had a good look at this book, I would recommend it if you are interested in asian food.
  14. waynus

    Suggestions for good Thai cookbook

    Either of David Thompsons books are great.
  15. waynus

    Spread or Dressing for Hamburgers?

    indianwells that sounds great
  16. waynus

    How do you store your cookbooks?

    Like most people they are everywhere, I do cull them from time to time. Though I never dispose of as many as I buy so my collection always grows. The magazines as many have said are the biggest problem, I really wish the publishers would offer cd with a years issues or more burnt on them. A few...
  17. waynus

    Any good Vegeterian cookbooks?

    Two I can think of are: Meals Without Meat by Simon & Alison Holst Great Vegetarian Dishes by Kurma Dasa
  18. waynus

    New to cheftalk

    Cooking is about ability and taste. Degrees mean little, its an artisan craft. You learn from those who can cook, and either you can or you can't. In Australia the idea of a degree in cooking seems weird. For us it is a craft passed on to those who wish to learn.
  19. waynus

    Spread or Dressing for Hamburgers?

    I like hot english mustard blended with ketchup.
  20. waynus

    Red wine question

    The bottom line is if you can't taste the difference don't pay anymore. Every now and again just go up a few dollars. Ask friends and remember what you have liked. Italian, French, US, greek, SA, Chile, Aussie wines are all different, even with the same variety. Drink what you can afford and...
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