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  1. missyjean

    French Cookbooks

    I love Mastering The Art Of French Cooking so much, I want to cook French more often.  I would like to get another book French book.   Any suggestions?
  2. missyjean

    Pie Making Equipment

    I am about to make my first pie.  From reading, I learned I need a pie crust bag. I went to the store and was told I don't need it. Can someone tell me which equipment I need to make a pie crust?  I would really love to make a pie for Thanksgiving. So far, I have a rolling pin and a marble...
  3. missyjean

    The Grand Central Baking Cookbook

    I just bought this book and made my first recipe today.   I made the Black Cherry and Raspberry Kuchen.  It is my very first yeast recipe. The recipe took me through every step and my kuchen came out exactly as pictured in the book. The Grand Central Bakery is the shop President Obama...
  4. missyjean

    Silicone Rolling Pins

    I am about to make my first pie.  I have no pie-making equipment.  I know I will need a rolling pin, for sure. I was looking at this one, from La Cusine Any opinions or suggestions would be...
  5. missyjean

    Salt for Baking

    My recipe calls for fine sea salt.  Can anyone recommend which brand is best for baking?  Thank you, missy
  6. missyjean

    We have a blueberry terrorist...

    in our backyard.  Our blueberries were disappearing and we finally found the culprit...a chipmunk was sitting there, helping himself to our berries. We have bird netting shielding the berries but the little critter tunneled his way under the barriers. Our broccoli has also been disappearing. I...
  7. missyjean

    BeaterBlade Has anyone ever tried this? 
  8. missyjean

    Hot Chefs

    No, it's not what you were hoping for    I just wanted to say I was watching TV when they showed chefs cooking in the hot weather when there was no air conditioning. I hope everyone is taking care in the hot weather and staying as comfortable and as safe as possible 
  9. missyjean

    Which Chef Knife for me?

    Hi! I have recently been inspired to start cooking more than a hamburger or steak.  I'm trying to collect cookbooks and am buying the pans and other gear.  My past experience at cooking was making my own meat sauce, meat balls, stuffed shells and food that really didn't require knife skills. I...
  10. missyjean

    Baking and Pastry Arts

    The local community college offers a Baking and Pastry Arts program. A certificate of completion will be awarded upon successful completion of all core requirements and general education requirements. I have been baking since last September and really enjoy it.  Everyone who tries my baked...
  11. missyjean

    Did someone step on my banana bread?

    I made one of my favorite recipes for Banana Bread from the Tartine cookbook. The recipe calls for slicing a banana in half and placing it on top of the loaf to bake along with the bread. I made this before and it was great Well, today, not so much It actually looks like someone stepped...
  12. missyjean

    Cook's Illustrated New Best Recipes

    The title says it all.  This book makes me want to put my other books in storage.  Everything I have made is not good-it is fantastic. I've been looking for a good recipe book for a long time.  For me, this is it
  13. missyjean

    Rotary Flour Sifter

    I'm trying to find a rotary flour sifter that will not rust, as mine did, and that does a good job of sifting.  Can anyone recommend a brand they like? Thanks
  14. missyjean

    Glazed or Non-Glazed Loaf Pans

    I'm considering which loaf pan to get. I heard a lot of good things about Chicago Metallic. They are available either non-coated 26g aluminum or with a glaze called Americoat. Any recommendations, please? I am concerned whether Americoat can be a potential health risk AMERICOAT174 Plus |...
  15. missyjean

    My First Sheet Cake:Disaster

    I made a carrot sheet cake this morning. I let the cake cool 10 minutes before I *attempted* to get it out of the supposedly non stick pan Not all of the cake came out so I pieced it back together again That was not the disaster I then made a cream cheese frosting which came out so delicious...
  16. missyjean

    Indoor Grilling

    I'm seeing a lot of recipes in high-end books where you must grill to use the recipe. How do you grill in the house? We have an outdoor b-b-q but it's January! These recipes really look good and I would like to make them. Is broiling equivalent?
  17. missyjean

    Big Boo-Boo

    I made a quick bread this morning from a new recipe I *thought* the recipe called for baking soda but it was actually supposed to be baking powder The bread didn't rise to it's normal height but it doesn't look flat either Is it still edible?
  18. missyjean

    Ad Hoc At Home-Thomas Keller

    I've heard a lot of good things about Thomas Keller and specifically about his book, ad hoc at home. I hear he is a perfectionist and following his recipes is a learning experience Any thoughts or experience with a Thomas Keller book would be appreciated..
  19. missyjean

    Chef Talk

    Just wanted to say this is the most informative and enjoyable forum. I learn something every time I am here Thank you to all involved for making this a great forum
  20. missyjean

    Pot Racks

    I'm looking for a hanging pot rack. i know nothing about them. What should I be looking for?
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