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  6. Kat's Album

    Kat's Album

    Some of my creations
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  8. katparadis

    Owner's Manuals

    LOL, I did try to contact Chesher...the mixer is too old for works perfectly! I did email Rotor directly...they're probably still trying to translate it! LOL Anyway, thanks for all the help!
  9. katparadis

    Owner's Manuals

    I've had several dealings with Nicholson...never seen a more disorganized bunch! Their warehouse is in Vancouver, their repair shop is in Edmonton & their salesman is in Winnipeg! Talk about confusion! But, they don't carry manuals of any kind.
  10. katparadis

    Owner's Manuals

    Hey guess what? Firefox translated the website! So "maybe I can download a manual as a webpage & have it translated! Wish me luck!
  11. katparadis

    Owner's Manuals

    LOL, since it makes probly 100 loaves at a's nearly 4 ft tall and the bowl weighs 20 or 30 lbs EMPTY...I think it's a tad big for home use!
  12. katparadis

    Owner's Manuals

    Yep, that's sorta what it looks like...tho...way way older I'm thinking :lol:, I wonder if my translation program can translate it? Anyway, thanks for your help...I just took the name of the ID plate...
  13. katparadis

    Owner's Manuals

    I have just purchased a used Chesher-Bear 60 quart mixer & am on the hunt for an owner's manual, I have had no success locating the company that makes the mixer, or anything else about it. I have found some used mixers listed of this brand, but nowhere can I find a manufacturer's website or any...
  14. katparadis

    Gluten-free Recipes

    According to "YOUR" rules, once it's changed, the original is out of an old cookbook from the 1930's, one of my old community league cookbooks,'s mine. I changed it for GLUTEN-FREE, is the recipe you note gluten-free? What's King Arthur? Sorry, not really familiar with "ALL" the cooking...
  15. katparadis

    Gluten-free Recipes

    The dough WILL be stickier than normal bread dough, don't worry, these flours REALLY need the extra moisture! Also, if you find your bread is somewhat "flat", most of these are...put the bread in 2 smaller pans...since these flours have no gluten, they don't have anything to hold them up...
  16. katparadis

    Eggless cake

    You can also replace your eggs with applesauce...
  17. katparadis


    It's really good with onions & mushrooms added too...I bake mine at 350F in a conventional oven, 300F in a convection.
  18. katparadis

    What Is The Most Essential Book?

    I don't know if you have these in the US or abroad, but here in Western Canada many, many of the local community leagues, farm co-operatives, etc put out small local printings of cookbooks. They were and still are a god-send...I haunt garage sales, flea markets, used bookstores, etc for these...
  19. katparadis

    Book Reviewers Wanted

    I have also sent an email!
  20. katparadis

    Gluten-free Recipes

    I have over my long career as a baker learned to adapt many recipes for gluten-free diets. It all started when my little sister was diagnosed with celiac disease at the age of 22. This recipe was originally for regular whole grained herb bread, and after many trials & many, many errors I...
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