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  1. lawrence


    I want to make corn Tortillas but I can't buy Masa easily where I am but some of the African shops sell Hominy. So my question is can I grind up Hominy to make Masa? I think I understand they are made in a similar process but I don't know for sure. Can anyone help?
  2. lawrence

    Tortilla press

    I have recently obtained an inch thick piece of Mahogany which came originally from a 17th Century piece of furniture, I thought it was too good to burn in the stove and had the idea of using it to make a Tortilla press. I have a design in mind, but what I would like to know is what would be the...
  3. lawrence


    Hi all, I chose my name as user name, pretty radical eh! Been out of cooking for a long time, gave up because of the long hours and rubbish pay. I never lost interest though and I am keen to keep up even if I only ever cook for the family. Having said that, I still think about opening...
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