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    Dalcam Customer Service

    Quick question for operators that use Dalcam sanitation products. One of my vendors deals with Dalcam exclusively. A part of this that their tech's do "free" (I know, I know) light service, instaling pumps for soaps/santizer stations, calibrating dishwashers, etc. More than a month ago I...
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    Outside Event Deep Frying -- Any Advice?

    I have a off site (but site accessable) event coming up.  I am considering doing something that would incorporate a fried element.  This would require me using a couple of tabletop deep fryers.  Anybody have advice/warnings for this sort of thing?  I am especially thinking about heat recovery in...
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    Naming Question

    Quick set up: I own and run a small, mid market causual-fine dining restaurant.  We are an adjunct to a popular and somewhat ecentric art gallery.  My food program is tied to the gallery and tries to to have a "populist" vibe, fairly sophisticated food that is approachable and not too precious...
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    Dan Dan Noodles

    I have recently got pretty obsessed with Dan Dan noodles.  Unsurprisingly, online resources are all over the map with recipes/techniques involved.  Anybody here have have any tips, 'essentials", or thoughts on this dish in general?  Thanks in advance!
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    Advice for Food Service in an Art Gallery

    I was wondering if anybody here has had any experience with running a permanent restaurant space inside of an art gallery? In this "friend of a friend" scenario this would come with the doubling of space of an existing gallery space, Any specialso yes, a brand new install.  Any special...
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    Sous Vide Corn on the Cob Question

    Sorry, I didn't have a camera to snap a picture of this.... I was cooking some fresh cob corn the other night, bagged with about a cup of salted butter and a splash of mirrin.  I cooked them at 85 C for about two hours.  Really good, ftr, I am not a fan corn this way but this was a nice way of...
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    Pro Wrestler has Babette's Feast Moment...

    I have a cousin who is a part time prowrestler.  He sent me this link this morning Gave a listen while forming some rolls and curing a ham.  There is a bunch of ads and such in the start, but its an interesting (and...
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    Noodle Fish

    Just curious if anybody is familiar with using Noodle Fish. I got a pound freezer pack as a sample, so once it's thawed I am sort of committed! I have never used them before. Any tips? Swap them for elvers? Flash fry like calamari?
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    Noodle Fish

    Just curious if anybody is familiar with using Noodle Fish. I got a pound freezer pack as a sample, so once it's thawed I am sort of committed! I have never used them before. Any tips? Swap them for elvers? Flash fry like calamari?
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    RIP Homaro Cantu
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    culinary homonyms

    Thought experiment: I am looking for food terms that describe different dishes or ingredients depending on place or language. Examples like flan, could be an open faced tart or a baked custard. Pudding, dessert or sauasage. Taco, Remoulade, etc. Anybody have other examples?
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    Welsh Lamb... amazing. Why isn't this like iberico pork or waygu?
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    Plate warming solutions

    Quick questions, I am wondering about portable, off site, solutions for plate warming. Lets assume that I do not access to an oven. What kind of methods to you use? Thanks in advance! Al
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    Tortillas, corn and/or flour

    Good morning, I have just recently inherited a large dough sheeter. I was wondering if anybody has ever used something like this with tortilla doughs. If so, any advice or hints? Thanks in advance, Al
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    I was wondering if anybody had any experience using Freshbooks for small foodservice/cateering businesses? It looks a little "a-bomb to an anthill" for my business, but it has come highly recommended. Any advise or alternatives somebody would like to share?
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    The Modern Steakhouse.

    Thought experiment for you: What does it mean to be a steakhouse in this day and age? Is the nostalgia factor a critical part of the experience or is there room in the customer's mind for a more modern flair? Anybody who cares to post a link to a menu that they think is doing it right, or...
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    Gellan gum advice

    [Hi there, I am trying to work up a gellan gum set sheet, like a crepe, based on reduced veg. juice. What I have so far is coming out slimy. I am working on a two percent solution. I have not added dairy, as I would prefer to keep a more brilliant colour. Any advice is welcome, Al [/B]
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    Boiling Rabbit

    I have seen many preparations for rabbit where it gets cooked at a rolling boil, not gently poached or anything. I have never had any luck cooking rabbit sous vide, it just turns the meat to mush. Does anybody know if there is something about rabbit meat that responds well to more intense...
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    Dishes that say California

    If  I say Californian food, what is the first thing that pops into your head? This question is open to everybody, not just CA residents.  Romantic ideas work just as well as authentic for my purposes.  High food, low food, general ideas and specific dishes are all welcome. For the record, this...
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    Aladin Aromatic

    I was wondering if anybody has / had one of these?  I picked one up for a song at a trade show but I'm unsure what to do with it.  It certainly produces nice aromas but I'm uncertain of its best uses.   Any tips / thoughts appreciated --Al
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