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  1. chefelle

    Overdue wholesale accounts--how do I get my money?

    Hi all! Well...I've run into a snag. A previously punctual wholesale account is now 30 days past due and into me for $1000. He's my best wholesale customer so I want to handle this tactfully....but I also want my money. I have bills to pay too! How should I handle this?
  2. chefelle

    Saving cake dummies

    Hi all! I had a bride return the artificial portions of her wedding cake to me.....only thing is she thought she was being helpful and tried to peel most of the fondant off. So I'm left with patches of fondant and piping gel. I can't re-cover them the way they are--is there a way to get this...
  3. chefelle

    Economic crisis and pastry chefs/bakeries

    Hello Chef! Guess I thought of a question after all! Or two...... With the current economic crisis what do you feel the future holds for pastry chefs and bakeries? Is there any particular trend of scaling back on baking and pastries or going to frozen that is emerging in leading restaurants...
  4. chefelle

    Cake yeast conundrum

    Hi all! Well...I have a problem. I own and operate a little patisserie here in Nova Scotia. A doctor in town had a little bar fridge they wanted to get rid of so he gave it to me. My Mom cleaned it out and put all of my fresh cake yeast and some of my dairy products in there. Fast forward...
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