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  1. lao0

    How do you organize recipes?

    Hey simple question here I was curious to see how everyone liked to organize and write down their recipes?
  2. lao0

    Sanitation warm > Sanitation hot ???

    So I was talking to the distributors about water sanitation in our sink. He mentioned that the solution is not as effective when hot than warm ect. As I have always done in the past to allow dishes to dry after being either rinsed or dipped into hot water I now question such a simple task :D...
  3. lao0

    Safest Way To Move Heavy Kitchen Equipment?

    So the main question is what is the best way to clean behind large flat top grills and ovens?  Our flattop and grill back is facing toward the wall. While we do crawl and bend our bodies in awkward positions to clean behind it is not 100 percent convenient. I have thought about power washing...
  4. lao0

    Hidden Menu ok?

    So here at the small dine in restaurant we have in the heart of the oil boom in North Dakota me and the boss have been slowly implementing more homemade things ever since I have came back and become Restaurant manager. We have taken an approach were we have been ordering Rib eye Steaks ect...
  5. lao0

    Best way to keep pre rib warm during service ?

    So at the establishment we do prime rib on Saturday nights. We prep and then cook up 4 to 5 prime ribs which we typically fly threw. We have heating lamps ECT but it always seem to cook. More.. And dry out a bit.. what are some ideas you guys have for keeping the prime hot and retaining that...
  6. lao0

    Wierd white bubbles after cleaning fryers.

    So when I clean fryer there is always a bit of white bubbles on top of the fresh oil at first. It is a conola oil. the process I take. losen up the gunk and all the bad grease and drain.. next.. I drain it with water a few times to get the rest of the chunks out.. Then I fill the min line...
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