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  1. carbonator


    Hey guys, Normally when cooking, I try to keep a sanitary environment - why shouldn't I, right? I haven't really ever studied food sanitation, so I don't have any theoretical foundation to know what may constitute a danger, so I tend to just play it safe. So, the other day a friend of mine cut...
  2. carbonator

    Tuiles Aux Amandes, just no almonds

    Hey Guys, I'm in the very early stages of learning to cook for myself (those college years (not culinary)), and I'm making roast rack of lamb. I'd like something really special to go with them, in part because, well, it's fancy, and partly because I'm under the impression that making a lot of...
  3. carbonator

    Newcomer making donuts - kneading and shortening

    Hey Guys, First off let me thank all of you guys for making this site the great resource that it is. I'm making yeast donuts for the first time, using Alton Brown's recipe from Good Eats episode 'Circle of Life.' Alton apparently is not much of a fan of hand-kneading, so he uses his dough hook...
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