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  1. jacko9

    Performance between Masamoto KS Wa Gyuto and the Mizuno Tanrenjo Hontanren Blue #2

    Hello, I want to buy a Gyuto for my home chef use and I wondered if anybody can give me a comparison between these two knives? Jack
  2. jacko9

    Trying to decide between the Konosuke HD2, Mizuno Tanrenjo Akitada Blue #2 and the Masamoto KS Wa Gy

    I have been looking to buy new 240mm Gyuto (changed the length from 270 to 240mm)  and have been considering these three models and help in deciding will be appreciated. 1) Konosuke HD2 laser 2) Mizuno Tanrenjo Akitada Blue #2 3) Masamoto KS White  I think that the Konosuke is cut from sheet...
  3. jacko9

    Looking for a quality kitchen chefs knife. Arggg- lost my discussion with one click of the wrong fi

    I started to ask a question about acquiring a quality kitchen knife as a home cook (at 69 years old) since I have purchased a lot of knifes that just don't measure up to some of the ones I've seen reviewed on here. I have some JA Henckeles no stain friodurs, some twinstar plus and a few small...
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