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    Ethical dilemma?

    A small issue someone can help me with. I have been hired to manage and run a small kitchen in a bakery where savory's are being sold.  It's been a head scratcher so far, I think mainly because of the owners business approach, but nothing other than the menu had been defined.  I helped write...
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    I have them displayed in a cold case.  But there is a small window where a "rush" of people come in from an nearby adult school from their break so I thought I would hold them in the glass warmer.  I thought about it longer and decided I didn't want to take the risk because it wouldn't be at the...
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    Hello.   I have read all the "quiche" questions here and none approached mine.   My question is, can quiche be displayed in a glass food warmer how long or should quiche always be displayed cold for any length of time for the public to be reheated later?
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    raw egg shelf life

    That was my concern.   I have already read Cape Chef's approach and it does sound marvelous .  Thanks ! 
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    raw egg shelf life

    Good-day everyone.     I want to make about a gallon size amount of caesar salad using the raw egg.   How long can the dressing stay okay in the fridge with the egg in it?   Thank you !
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    how to roux

    excellent ~  !  Thank you.    Right now, cold, it sure is a pretty color  :-)
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    how to roux

    I started a roux today for Gumbo, so far so good, right color no burning.    But, I seemed to run out of time and had to leave.  In a bowl it went.   Can I finish it tomorrow and then bring it to the correct color ?   Right now its at the chocolate milk stage and i know it needs to go further. ...
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    Fresh Ricotta

    Beautiful article indeed.  I only wish I had used to buttermilk that is sitting in my fridge !   Oh well, first time - trial and error.   I followed a recipe that used ONLY whole milk, salt and white vinegar.  The flavor was bland , to say the least.   It wasn't as "creamy" as I hoped but I...
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    Fresh Ricotta

    My first endeavor in making ricotta.  Now, Im making the lasagna.  Do I still use egg with the ricotta?  My instincts tell me yes but with such a fresh ingredient it may not need the egg ?     I will most definitely add the cheese ( is use romano ) and parsley but egg ?
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    Pot Pie

    Many thanks!   I see where it goes from there.  Fingers crossed
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    Pot Pie

    I have skinless , boneless turykey AND chicken breast in fridge and was thinking of making pot pie.  Tis the season up here!  First attempt so, should the meat be baked or boiled? 
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    Nick Stellino's recipe archive

    Some of Nick Stellino's recipes have graced my table for years now and always bringing smiles to those who sit with me.   There is one recipe for scallops that couldn't be easier to make and  just is so darn good!    Of course, I tweak it just a tad because that is what good cooks do  :-)
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    salvaging chocolate

    I'll try here.   I had semi-sweet chocolate bits melting to coat little truffle - like cookies for an 18 year old's bake sale.   Realizing there wasn't enough chocolate , all I had and added was a bag of Ghirardelli 60% cacao bitter-sweet morsels.   Probably first mistake.  Although the mixture...
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    melting chocolate

    I am not versed AT ALL in the art of baking so no wonder it got all mucked up - litterally.         Trying to melt semi-sweet chocolate to dunk some oreo cookie truffles in for an 18 year old to bring for a bake sale.  Seems it's not enough chocolate so the only other thing I had in the house...
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    Olive Oil

    Is the Olive Oil you use on your show, Molto Mario, Frantoia ?     In watching your show, the lable is never shown but the shape of the bottle is very familiar. 
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    It's all from the heart - right !

    Ciao Chef Batali Simply my question is, when creating new dishes, do you go to the place in the text, the place in the old kitchen from Italy or do you go to a place in your own imagination and sense to create new Italian dishes ?    I know it all starts with a thought and I am wondering where...
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    twice baked

    What would some suggestions be to assure light, fluffy yet moist twice baked potatoes ?  My recipe right now has some chives, Romano, sour cream, s&p, some granulated garlic and heavy cream.  Tasty and smooth but I would like to see more fluff.  Mainly so I can eat more.  To my stomach the...
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    rule of thumb

    Cool. Sound advise. Thank you. Watch were I go with this new career !!
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    Hello Chef Sarah Still being female in the industry is tough. I would like to know how long did it take you to establish yourself as an accepted and respected female Chef. How many "punches" did you have to either throw or take before knowing you were even established. Many obstacles or few?
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    rule of thumb

    You are correct on two things Jim and that is that I should go to the Town Hall and I ran a small kitchen in a gallery that had no stove / oven / fryer / etc. I had a panini machine and a microwave oven. Easy food prepared with supurb flavor and amazingly beautiful arrangement. No raw...
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