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  1. fire&wine

    newbie goof up

    Is there another side to this that we have not seen? I ask because I once worked at a hotel where the schedule was posted for the month - the sous changed the schedule on me twice, on my day off, to show me working where I was not originally scheduled. So I get the phone call saying, "where the...
  2. fire&wine

    Battle Scars of the kitchen

    This is sort of on topic. The first chef I ever worked for also did land clearing on the side (tree removal, etc). So in addition to working for him in the kitchen I helped him clear trees. I fed trees into a chipper in the morning, then worked the line at night. Approaching a tree job one...
  3. fire&wine

    Food Allergies and How To Deal With Them

    Hello everyone, I've been lurking for a while - figures I'd join in on the discussions. Food allergies - oh what fun I bend over backwards to make sure that our guests are taken care of. If someone has an allergy, I want to know who and what and then I will direct the course of action. I have...
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