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  1. lawrence

    Comment by 'lawrence' in item 'GOUGIRI Chef's Knife 8-inch, Japanese Stainless Steel, 33 Layers Damascus Blade, Professional Gyutou'

    Nice response, I bow to your knowledge on Japanese knives, the only thing I picked up on was the "punching" comment, TBH my first thought was only a Gorilla would hold a knife like that! I have never seen another professional using anything other than a pinch grip. Although I wouldn't have...
  2. lawrence

    what to use in the UK

    I stand corrected, I didn't think they were al that different. Personally I can't taste hardly any heat at all in the Jalapeno, they taste to me like a bitter bell pepper. Maybe you could get some seeds and try growing them, it could be fun.
  3. lawrence

    What type of deep fat fryer to hire to cook large portions? (Market event)

    You so need a Bratt pan. I wish I knew about them when I was working.
  4. lawrence

    what to use in the UK

    Hi, they are chopped Jalapenos which are available pretty much anywhere, Annaheims are also a very mild chilli and can be substituted with Jalapenos, Pablanos, same thing really. I do understand they do have different flavo(u)rs but look for an eastern European grocer and they will have several...
  5. lawrence

    question for UK cooks (or steamed pudding fans) - ok to use vintage pudding boiler?

    Yes Barley wine is a very strong beer typically around 10%, my Grandmothers favourite tipple! I remember sneaking a sip of it when I was young and found it less bitter than my Grandads beer almost sweet ... I now know it is less "hopped" than a regular beer and so less bitter than a normal...
  6. lawrence

    These #$%^* Pants!!!

    Thanks for that. I would have never have guessed the "uniform" bit. I will have a look, I have mysteriously outgrown some of my whites. Oh! My aprons still fit.
  7. lawrence

    These #$%^* Pants!!!

    I tried it, it doesn't seem like a real website. It was one of those scammy ad websites that buy up expired domains. Have I typed it in wrong?
  8. lawrence

    These #$%^* Pants!!!

    I thought it was just me! It only hurts for a minute or two... Actually it really happened, I had a trainee spill a pot of cream over me and I had to borrow a pair of trousers which  were too big (They wouldn't be now ! ) Chef thought it would be a good idea to staple the waistband to make...
  9. lawrence

    Keeping lettuce fresh - suggestions?

    Try this. I found this by accident a little while ago I hope this helps you, 
  10. lawrence

    Do you charge gratuity for delivery, drop off and set up catering jobs?

    By definition you cannot charge a gratuity. It might be offered in return for "good service" but it can't be demanded. I think you may  have missed the opportunity here, if you were asked to deliver and set up then you should have built that expense into your original quotation. If you were...
  11. lawrence

    What's a good authentic Cajun cookbook??

    I can't comment on the other books but I do like this one. I visited New Orleans some years ago and this book was recommended by so many local people ( I am unusual for a Brit, I talk to everyone!) I had to buy it.
  12. lawrence

    Heirloom seeds?

    Why would you want these? Sorry, am I missing something? 
  13. lawrence

    Heirloom seeds?

    Seriously, I dont get how you can't sue Monsanto and your neighbour for contaminating your land? On the other hand, just patent a seed and drive around the country throwing it onto fields and then find the plants! Millions of dollars for a tank of gas...
  14. lawrence

    Internal Temperature for Duck Breast

    What's a Centigrade? is it like Celsius? No ramble away.. You would have mentioned "Grad" meaning steps. Celsius was also a physicist who invented the Celcius scale in 1742 ( hardly modern) although until 1744 it was backwards (100 being the freezing point of water)  it later for some...
  15. lawrence

    Internal Temperature for Duck Breast

    What is Centigrade?? I remember my grandad saying it once but I never heard of it anywhere else. Is it like Celsius?
  16. lawrence

    what to open culinary business

    If you can't put your name on the unit then put it on your delivery vehicle. Get some magnetic signs made and get your friends to put them on their cars. Try and get them to park near your target market! A web site is an absolute must do. Get as much information on it as you can. I wish you luck.
  17. lawrence

    Comment by 'lawrence' in item 'American Metalcraft PKR20 Stainless Steel Rocker Pizza Knife, 20-Inch'

    To be honest I have always used a Chinese meat cleaver to cut my Pizza, although I have increased my specification over the years, I started with a budget version from the Pound shop (less than 2 dollars!), it gives really good results.
  18. lawrence

    I want the very best Wok like no wok ever was. To find find it is my real test.

    Go for a carbon steel wok, no non stick coating or enamel. It will season to a natural non stick finish if you treat it right. The link you gave at the beginning of your question says Iron is good for you! I suggest you go to a local Chinese store and handle the Woks they have, cooking with a...
  19. lawrence

    Cooking Paninis on a flat-top gas griddle?

    Most Italians I meet don't speak enough English to use the words "grilled" or "toasted" let alone the word sandwich, I do live in Europe, but just saying.. (I wish I knew how to get an emoticon for tounge in cheek)
  20. lawrence

    Cooking Paninis on a flat-top gas griddle?

    I have always wondered why since Panini is Italian for sandwiches, why do people write in effect "sandwiches's"
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