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  1. chutney

    What is Matignon?

    This is what the judges were looking for in the Matignon.  I sweated it and added a splash of Madiera.  I did not pass the test and will take it again. 
  2. chutney

    X45CrMo15 boning knife

    Thank you sir for your answer.  I will stop trying to save it and move on.
  3. chutney

    X45CrMo15 boning knife

    I found a knife at work last spring and my boss said I could keep it.  It is a cheap Dexter "iCut" knife and I can not sharpen it.  I tried raised a burr and couldn't get to do this simple step in sharpening.  I was wondering if the steel had anything to do with it not taking an edge.  All of my...
  4. chutney

    What is Matignon?

    I am getting ready to take CSC and I need to make Matignon.  If I look it up Escoffier, it says to finely mince the onion, carrots and celery and cut he ham with a paysanne cut.  The chef who is helping me says to cut everything with a paysanne.  Do different versions of the book say different...
  5. chutney

    Improv Smoker

    I am also a Weber user.  I recently got a char-griller and I am finding the barrel style a bit of a challenge.  I used two webers a big one and small 17" one when my family came over.  Over the years I cooked everything from turkeys to apple pie on the weber.  People coming this weekend and I'm...
  6. chutney

    Lodge square stove top grill pan with ridged bottom

    I would also like to ask the question about ridged griddles.  I am using my mothers--a square skillet with ridges.  It does a nice job of finishing steaks and I used this winter for grilling romaine lettuce.  I think I would like a two burner  ridged griddle and don't know if I should go cast...
  7. chutney

    What is the biggest culinary rip-off you have seen?

    You make me feel good I have morels at $19.99 a pound.  This is at the local grocery.  Still not going to buy them.  A ripoff is only a ripoff if you buy it and you feel that you didn't get your money's worth.  If I want to make a dinner with fresh rainbow trout, local picked asparagus, and...
  8. chutney

    Substitute for Creole mustard

    try about 1/2 cup Dijon mustard couple healthy splashes of Worcestershire(little more than 1/2 teaspoon)  and hot sauce to taste
  9. chutney

    Best knives???

    Wow, you have my knife.    I have the red handled "9".  It is a great all round knife, but the knife I use more is the mini-paring knife(flamingo handle).  I do salads and cold prep.  The mini-parer is always in my pocket.  I am thinking of adding the Bread knife.  I don't want to sound like an...
  10. chutney

    The heretic view of Chef steel...

    I read your heretical views of sharpening knifes and secretly applauded you. I have used a DMT red plate on my wood turning/planes since 1999.  I just replaced it with the fine/extra fine (red/green) plate and stand.  I then found the ex-course/course(blue/black) plate on sale.  I use the...
  11. chutney

    Cheese course displays

    keep trying, I love your pictures.  Where did you get fresh figs in St. Louis?
  12. chutney

    beard nets???

    My nephew has to wear one.  He has a job at a dairy plant, but I've never seen one on the job.  It seems kind of funny to make a guy with shaved head wear a hat and having a cook with a beard without anything on a beard.  How many guys have beards out there? How many ladies??
  13. chutney

    beard nets???

    Does anybody use them?  We have two guys in our kitchen with beards.  Should they be wearing nets?  Or do people in real kitchens  just not do that?
  14. chutney

    New job, looking for vegetarian help please.

    Pepper Mushroom Fritatta, Veggie Enchilada, Spinach Quiche, Mac and Cheese, Veggie Delight, Scrambled Tofu, Zippy Zucchini, Lentil Rice Casserole, Pasta Delight,Grilled Portobello sandwich,Vegetable Stew,   Artichoke, Shallot, and Potato Ragout,  Curried Cauliflower and Peas.  
  15. chutney

    Can't seem to cut onions properly.

    If you want to learn how to sharpen that is a good stone to start.  Lots of info on the net about sharpening and knife care.  Certainly learning to sharpen is the way to go.  Your knife is a good basic knife. Good luck. I live in an area that is close(30 miles) to a big city, but we are less...
  16. chutney

    From Exec back down to Sous

    I think Pete's right in learning how to get the others to think it was their idea to start with. I am some what in this position in the job I have.  Cooks have been there longer than me, they have I higher position than I do.  I am hoping that I get promotion so there is some weight behind my...
  17. chutney

    Can't seem to cut onions properly.

    Taking your knife out to sharpen is your cheapest way to a sharp knife(less than $5.)  When you set your self up to sharpen knives, you not only have to buy the equipment, but you have to learn the skills to sharpen. Also, the first time you take your knife to be sharpened you will learn what a...
  18. chutney

    Mardi Gras Brunch

    Can I come next time? (I do wash dishes) Great job.  You got my vote for Mardi Gras party. Hot sauce, Crystal?? 
  19. chutney

    first proper knife purchase

    I have 8" Shun Classic, wish I would have gone with 10".  Also, Mighty Mac is a nice knife.  I would also get a ceramic honing rod before a diamond steel. 
  20. chutney

    Looking for feedback on my first chef's knife and rod selection.

    I have messermiester rod and it is a good solid rod. The ceramic one I had before was much thinner and shorter.  I am using messermiester and DMT red honing rod to extend the time I need to sharpen my knives. The DMT ceramic rod looks good, but I've never tried it or the other ones that people...
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