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  1. eda de leche

    Starting a personal chef business in Canada

    Thanks for the input! Chef McCracken, do you find that clients tend to know what they want? Or do you tend to need to work with them and offer suggestions? Having worked as a cook for the past 7 years, I know how frequently people ask for modifications based on their diets and preferences, so...
  2. eda de leche

    Starting a personal chef business in Canada

    Hi there, I'm reading up about starting a personal chef service (in Canada, as well) and am trying to create a business plan that would serve the client well, but that also embodies my personal style in cooking. I think it's positive to have a specific angle/niche so that you target the clients...
  3. eda de leche

    Stagiere work in San Fran

    So I've done a few stages before, mostly by simply walking in to a place I was interested in and setting up a job for that day, or sometime in the near future. I've done it in big cities and smaller ones. But I'm going to SF and, for some reason, I'm really nervous. I've cooked professionally...
  4. eda de leche

    Ice Cream, Outdoors

    The sice cream season is almost upon us (in Ontario, anyway), and i have plans to sell some outdoors. it's going to be high quality homemade stuff featuring local ingredients, and i'd be selling it at an outdoor farmers market. Any good ideas regarding how to keep it frozen without buying...
  5. eda de leche

    Burning the brulee

    how does one get a well caramelized top, without a grainy underlayer? turning the dish while torching? adding less sugar so there is no risk of leaving unburned sugar? (this can make it too pale as there is not enough sugar to brown well). anyone have any tricks?
  6. eda de leche

    Tasks you hate doing

    hah, i love supremeing oranges. its so satisfying to get a good, clean segment out. i've only started cooking professionally though, so my opinions will change quickly, i'm sure.
  7. eda de leche

    A different situation

    hey you mind saying where you work in Chicago? Anyway, i lived there for just 2 months, but i'm interested in what goes on there cuisine-wise.
  8. eda de leche

    Plan of Action

    Despite the generally discouraging feeling i tend to get after reading the threads here, i have formulated a plan for myself that i think will work. What do you guys think? Past: i've worked in the kitchen of a busy chain restaurant (not as a cook), and as a server in a few places. Currently...
  9. eda de leche

    Thinking to leave CIA to other school

    i'm also wondering about the french pastry school. it's so hard to decide whether the big $$$ are worth it. But i have spoken to a couple of people about it. One person said it was the best thing they'd ever done, absolutely worth it (she then went on to work in Europe, and came back to the US...
  10. eda de leche

    I think I'm done...

    Where in Canada are you? That sounds very discouraging (i'm thinking of going into pastry cheffery after 5 years in University, heh.) But these other folks did bring up some good points to consider. I don't have any experienced advice because i'm not a cook, although i have worked in kitchens...
  11. eda de leche

    French Pastry School, Chicago ..or France?

    Thanks to you both! And Tytitan, that sounds pretty impressive. Any other comments are still welcomed..
  12. eda de leche

    Aramark from the toronto area and we have Aramark at my University as well.....i've never worked for them though. But they are always having issues with worker benefits/wages n what not..
  13. eda de leche

    For all the Bourdain fans.....

    sounds good...i intended on picking this up when i read a review for it somewhere but havent been able to yet...i have yet to read any of his writing, but i saw him briefly on tv once. He seems cool :cool:
  14. eda de leche

    French Pastry School, Chicago ..or France?

    Hi there, I'm a student finishing up my B.Sc. Degree in Anthropology in Toronto. I currently have a cool job (archaeological fieldworker for a company that does contract work), but i'm weary about advancing in the field. I don't think i can handle the academic aspects of this field and i'm just...
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