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  1. saborito

    How to cook 2 boneless leg of lambs

    try grilling the leg to mark it. great variance in textures. love the lamb, enjoy.
  2. saborito

    Wolf or Viking?

    thanks for the amen on the garland! I just saw this couple put in a garland in their cabin in the caskills and was so pumped for them. I understand why you'd need to go "domestic", sometimes there are codes, space limitations, etc. in that case, I'm a wolf man. The BTUs are nothin to shout...
  3. saborito


    so little of what chefs do actually has anything at all to do with cooking. It usually has alot, if not mostly, to do with cleaning. And just when you figure this all out, all you wat to do is line cook again. but this time, with style...good luck and great times mate- saborito
  4. saborito

    The Professional Chef VS On Cooking

    dont forget one culinary classic: the new york times cookbook by craig clairborne. this book is chock full of home cook recipes which any chef will tell you are the best. try the new england buttermilk donuts. in general, I like books like this one because they have a myriad of dfferent...
  5. saborito

    Wolf or Viking?

    my advice would be to get a used comercial garland. lits all about btus, and their patented starfire burners. they've made me look good for years. besides, for 2500, you can get a fantastic real stove or half a make believe one (wolf or viking) don't get all upset out there-you all know its...
  6. saborito

    Carving ham off the bone

    option 1) split pea soup-oh yeah! option 2) this is what evey dog dreams of! jamon! saborito
  7. saborito


    after years of being an executive chef I became a sous-chef for a chef who was about to take maternity leave! best experience of my life. the kitchen is a ship, and all of it's sailors each appreciate each-others role and importance. If you see changing positions as downgrading, then you are...
  8. saborito

    Owner in the kichen ...

    hey there, what a paradox! bossing the boss. You have pointed out a HUGE contradiction that so many chefs face. I guess the inverse could be scary as well-a boss who thinks they are the chef-but what I have to say is-can't we all just get along? definitely a huge prep sheet. definitely let...
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