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  1. marip

    Popcorn Balls

    I'm planning on making popcorn balls. Does the corn syrup need constant stirring through out the cooking time?
  2. marip

    pound cake

    I have a recipe for cream cheese pound cake. I have no cream cheese. Can this recipe be made without the cream cheese?
  3. marip

    Refreezing raw meat that has been cooked

    I thawed out raw ground beef to make lasagna. Can I freeze the lasagna leftovers? Would it be safe to do since the ground beef was previously frozen.
  4. marip

    Freezing mashed potatoes

    Can you freeze mashed potatoes and how do you freeze the potatoes?
  5. marip

    Adding liquid ingredients last to a cake

    I'm planning on making a Grand Marnier pound cake. The directions says to beat the sugar and butter together then add dry ingredients then the liquid ingredients (eggs, orange zest and Grand Marnier) . I always thought you add the liquids first. Will this work?
  6. marip

    Cherry Fluff

    I made a big bowl of cherry fluff. Does anyone know if leftovers can be frozen? Made with frozen Cool Whip which I thawed.
  7. marip

    How much mashed potatoes for 10 servings

    How much mashed potatoes should be made for 10 servings? Would a 5 lb. bag be enough or too much?
  8. marip

    Freezing cookie dough

    I'm baking peanut butter cookies and I don't need all the dough. What is the best way to freeze cookie dough?
  9. marip

    Jennie O fully cooked turkey

    I bought a Jennie O fully 10 pounds cooked turkey with seasonings. Anyone here have tried this?
  10. marip

    Pillsbury frosting

    Does anyone know if Pillsbury can frosting can be frozen?
  11. marip

    Using fresh peaches for a pie

    This will be my first time making a peach pie using fresh peaches. Do I wait till the peaches are ripen to make the pie or can I use them unripened? What about peeling the peaches better with skins on or off? I'm making a 2 crust 9 inch pie.
  12. marip

    Refreeze an unbaked pie after it's been baked

    I had bought an unbaked refrigerated fruit pie at a bakery. I threw it into the freezer. Can this pie be refrozen after I bake it? It's really too much pie for spouse and I to eat the whole pie.
  13. marip

    I need a recipe for brown sugar glaze

    I'm going to make sweet potatoes with a brown sugar glaze. I need a recipe for the glaze?
  14. marip

    Should I use added leavening with self rising flour

    I'm going to make buttermilk biscuits. The recipe says to use self rising flour. It also says to use baking soda and baking powder. I'm confused I thought self rising flour already has leavening in it. Should I use baking soda and baking powder as the recipe says or should I omit both?
  15. marip

    milk chocolate turned to a light brown

    My bag of milk chocolate baking morsels has turned to a light brown on some of the morsels. Are they safe to eat? Will the taste be the same?
  16. marip

    Potatoes turned black

    I made potato pancakes and the potatoes turned black. Are they safe to eat?
  17. marip

    Bailey's Bundt Cake

    I'm baking a Bailey's bundt cake. The recipe calls for 1 cup bailey's. I have only a 1/2 cup. Could I add 1/2 cup of milk to it?
  18. marip

    Brown sugar glazed sweet potatoes

    I'm making brown sugar glazed sweet potatoes. For the glaze how much water, brown sugar and butter do i need for the glaze?
  19. marip

    Baking a ham

    When baking a half ham should the cut meat side be down in the roasting pan?
  20. marip

    Package corned beef

    Should package corn beef be slimy? Normal or is it spoiled?
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