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    school in France or Peru ?

    hi how are you guys doing ? Ive been debating between France or Peru its the best place to study culinary arts. My first language is Spanish so the language won't be a problem in Peru, in the other hand Im learning French and I don't have an academic level on the language, so would have to study...
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    Canada or US ??

    Thank you so much
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    Canada or US ??

    For both of them I need a student visa , but in Canada after a certain amount of time I can apply for the residence
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    Canada or US ??

    Hi my name is Andres , I'm from Colombia and I'm an international student . So, i got accepted in Vancouver Canada in Northwest culinary academy for one year program. In the other hand I found a community college in Albuquerque New Mexico (CNM) , they have a two year program , but haven't been...
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