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    How do you organize recipes?

    Hey thanks! :) I just have a hard time putting all that hard work into something electronic.. Its just this fear I have!
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    How do you organize recipes?

    Hey simple question here I was curious to see how everyone liked to organize and write down their recipes?
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    What's your impression of sous vide?

    As I appreciate food so much all i care about is the flavor of the food the taste and somewhat the quality. Sousvide can give some very precise cooking I can only respect that.
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    Culinary schools

    I don't want you to take what I say for gold because everyone is so very different.  I am 22 years old I have been cooking in kitchens for about 4 years.  What I have seen in the kitchens is a bit of regret from students that went to culinary school it helped them get in the door but they are no...
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    Grilling steaks for banquet

    Just trying to throw ideas here it just depends on what kind of resources and equipment you have. Like everyone else is saying a big grill is what you need. However what if you did a sousvide on the steaks and finished on the grill that way you could keep them hella tasty and keep pumping them...
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    any one with instagram or snapchat

    Hey I do this is a year later but HEY haha :D. Butterscotch_Raindrops Just made it recently family was always asking for pictures so i said why not XD.
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    Do you peel your carrots ?

    A good general rule of thumb is larger carrots typically you would peel. Smaller carrots usually are fine due to there thin skin.
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    Comment by 'lao0' in item 'Le Cordon Bleu USA'

    Very nice read. I diddnt quit have the right set up to go to culinary school. So I opted for just learning as much as I could threw jumping around restaraunts. I am 22 now and cooking is my passion after work I get home to ether cook or read stories like yours. I would like to go to a culinary...
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    Sanitation warm > Sanitation hot ???

    Definitely thanks a lot!!!
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    Sanitation warm > Sanitation hot ???

    So I was talking to the distributors about water sanitation in our sink. He mentioned that the solution is not as effective when hot than warm ect. As I have always done in the past to allow dishes to dry after being either rinsed or dipped into hot water I now question such a simple task :D...
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    Safest Way To Move Heavy Kitchen Equipment?

    So the main question is what is the best way to clean behind large flat top grills and ovens?  Our flattop and grill back is facing toward the wall. While we do crawl and bend our bodies in awkward positions to clean behind it is not 100 percent convenient. I have thought about power washing...
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    Why is so hard to cook?

    Is cooking hard? About as hard as anything else out there, just like anything all it takes is knowledge and practice and a passion to learn is that a hard thing? No just takes time. Anyone can read a cook book, but can anyone adjust those recipes? People who love to cook try to adjust everything...
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    Hidden Menu ok?

    Well like I said it is very wierd here. It is not as easy as to replace somone it is actually hard and belive me its not us its all the small businesses. The way the oil boom is here it makes things very complicated to hire the correct people. But luckily I have one high school kid that wants to...
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    Hidden Menu ok?

    We of course want to sell the rib eye. In this boom it is very interesting. There are sooo many high paying oil field jobs up here that it is hard to compete. For hiring options we have drunks or highschoolers. We occasional get an ok person. But because of this it is very hard to train even as...
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    Hidden Menu ok?

    Thank you. However if they do ask about it and want one we will defiantly serve one to them. It is a very small community but a dense one the oil boom is interesting that way. Word has spread pretty fast on them. But the issue of people seeing somone else with one that diddnt have the same...
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    Comment by 'lao0' in media '084.JPG'

    Hell yes great idea :)
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    Hidden Menu ok?

    So here at the small dine in restaurant we have in the heart of the oil boom in North Dakota me and the boss have been slowly implementing more homemade things ever since I have came back and become Restaurant manager. We have taken an approach were we have been ordering Rib eye Steaks ect...
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    Comment by 'lao0' in media 'First Snowman.jpg'

    Hahaha Love it.
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