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  1. airo

    Packaging Question about Small Cakes

    I am thinking about making individual cakes...little squares or cake sandwiches that can be eaten individually. I was inspired by this baker's Flickr photos. As you can see, her cakes come in triangle shapes (cut from squares most likely) and she has neatly wrapped her cake in clear...
  2. airo

    BC School Touring

    I started a thread a while back looking into two culinary schools: George Brown College (Toronto) and Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts (PICA in Vancouver): LINK As I formerly wrote, I got accepted into both. However, I think my focus at this point is on attending a culinary program in BC...
  3. airo

    George Brown & Looking for Reviews/Advice

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and am glad to have found a place to look around for information on cooking, baking and culinary experience. I've worked and trained as a graphic designer and illustrator and am now looking to attend culinary school as cooking/baking has long been another passion and...
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