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  1. carpenter

    Chicken Chopping Knife.

    Hello, This grillin' season I got into grilling butterflied chickens under a brick.  I cut the backbone out with shears and after cooking I split the breastbone and cut each breast cross wise in two using a variety of the wrong knives.  I have a 270mm gyuto that I don't dare use. What type of...
  2. carpenter

    Meat Grinder Reccomendation.

    Hello all, I make about 15# of sausage a month.  I just finished curing my first batch of salami.  So, add that to the fold, plus other meats I'll try my hand at curing, I'm looking at 25# or so a month.  When I first began I used a Kitchen Aid grinder and stuffer.  After that crapped out on me...
  3. carpenter

    Horizontal move from Western to Japanese knives?

    Hello all, Over the years I've collected a pretty nice set of Western knives.  I have quite a few Sabatiers, a couple of Wusthofs, a few old Henkels along with some Forscheners.  As far as Japanese knives go, I have a Masomoto 270mm HC gyuto and a Konesuke HD 6" petty.  I would like to expand...
  4. carpenter

    Lard for a Pie Crust?

    Hello all.  I am interested in making a pie crust and some biscuits using lard.  Leaf lard is not available. I'd rather not use the hydrogenated logs that are most common at the grocery stores.  I have access to Mexican style lard. I use this frequently for cooking but it has a good porky...
  5. carpenter

    Breakfast knife 180mm?

    Every morning I dice up some onion and a chili to go with my eggs in the morning.  Some nights I come home and cut up some left over meat, an onion and cilantro and make some tacos.  The point is, for some very small jobs I like to break out a small cutting board and use smaller knives.  I have...
  6. carpenter

    Sausage making knife?

    Hello all, Since moving to the East Coast I've been making my own Mexican chorizo.  I usually put all the meat and fat through a meat grinder.  I've read a few sausage recipes where they grind half and chop half(mince?) or chop all of the meat and then mix it with a paddle mixer.  For the life...
  7. carpenter

    sizing a hood

    Hello, I'm doing a home remodel and am at the point of setting up the kitchen.  I'm thinking of going with a 36" Wolf gas range and a "Ventahood" hood.  I've read somewhere that the hood should be wider than the stove.  On another thread...
  8. carpenter

    What would be the Japanese equivalent to a 6" Sabatier slicer (petty)?

    Hello all, Awhile ago I bought a Massomoto HC 270mm Gyuto(damn you BDL.)  Now I am in the market for a Japanese petty in the 5" to 6" range.  I really like my 6" Sabatier Nogent.  It is thin, and gets pretty damn sharp.  The only thing is the constant steeling involved and that damn finger...
  9. carpenter

    Beet salad--raw or cokked?

    I plan on making a shaved root vegetable salad.  It calls for red and golden beets cut thinly on a mandoline.Should they be cooked first?  The recipe is  Thank you in advance.
  10. carpenter

    Dicey Knife

    Hello, I am looking for a knife to use specifically for slicing, dicing and chopping small quantities of garlic, shallots and small chili peppers, mushrooms and maybe the occasional small onion.  I'm just a Joe that cooks at home and I use the above ingredients quite often. My go-to knife is a...
  11. carpenter

    Lead Paint Bean Pot.

    I recently bought a clay "ollo" (bean pot) from Mexico.  I cooked a batch of beans and noticed a silverish film on the inside of the pot.  I was able to scrub it off.  I'm guessing this is a result of lead paint?  Is this the case and do I need to worry/?  I suppose I shouldn't use the pot but...
  12. carpenter

    Vollrath vs France

    What's the low-down on American made Vollrath carbon steel pans versus the thicker French brands?  I bought a Vollrath 12" pan.  I like it so much that I bought a 9 3/8" pan.  The Vollraths measure in slightly more than 1.5mm thick, where as the French made pans are 2.5 mm plus.  I've read the...
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