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  3. pazzo

    Home Chef needs advice on Knives

    Wow, that's a bummer. I sure hope they will fix their mistakes and send you new knives to replace your poorly constructed ones.
  4. pazzo

    Home Chef needs advice on Knives

    Oh, I agree. If you can return them without much cost to you, I'd do it.
  5. pazzo

    Home Chef needs advice on Knives

    Not all knives can hold a 15* edge and I'm also not certain how well a CC would do with reprofiling an edge from 20* to 15*. I have actually used Cutco steak knives and found them perfectly fine. Unless you're looking for a non-serrated steak knife, I can't imagine bothering to look for new ones.
  6. pazzo

    Home Chef needs advice on Knives

    I was going to suggest the same thing, but BDL beat me to it. Since you're going with a short santoku and it's likely that your wife won't want anything larger, you would probably want to go with a paring knife. The MAC Pro paring knife would do fantastically or you could look into something...
  7. pazzo

    Home Chef needs advice on Knives

    Would it survive? Yes. Would it probably have been dulled or even chipped? Yes, but that goes for all cutlery. Would you be risking slicing deep into your finger when you reached into the sink? Yes. I'd keep all knives out of the sink.
  8. pazzo

    Home Chef needs advice on Knives

    I have a MAC Pro chefs knife and cannot recommend it enough. It is far and away better than any German (Henkels or Wusthof) knife that I have used. That being said, you really do need to maintain it, but this goes for any knife. You should not put your knife in the sink, whether or not it is...
  9. pazzo

    Closing the blogs down

    I can't say that I participated in writing my own blog, but I did enjoy perusing what ones existed! I hope it works out better next time around (and BDL's blogs are saved as it would be a shame to lose such a wonderful source of information).
  10. pazzo

    Building a set of knives

    Squashes are usually pretty difficult beasts to cut through. Unless she has specific requirements for more specialized knives, such as a boning knife, etc., the only other knife that would generally be used on a frequent basis would be a paring knife. The two knives you selected are excellent...
  11. pazzo

    Unmolding a cake

    Sorry I can't address your other issue, but I've personally had better luck using a fat and a dusting of flour than using PAM.
  12. pazzo

    Sugar to Flour Ratio?

    Perhaps they're not being baked long enough? Doughy sounds like undercooked to me.
  13. pazzo

    looking for a new knife....would like some advice

    Wow, that's an awesome experience! The little I've seen of the him, he seems like a great, fun guy and I'm sure you'll learn a ton. I personally have a MAC Pro and, although I'm not using it in a professional kitchen by any means, I highly recommend it. I haven't yet sharpened it because, for...
  14. pazzo

    Ice Cream Maker

    For reference and lack of confusion, the ICE-20 is the same model I was referring to, so there's two votes for it!
  15. pazzo

    Ice Cream Maker

    I personally use a standard Cuisinart 1.5 quart maker that uses a frozen canister. While it does suffer from a slightly icy texture if any of the ice cream is left in the freezer for a while, for $50 or so its great. I might upgrade one day to a compressor-based model, I believe there are some...
  16. pazzo

    Which immersion blender to buy?

    Awesome, thanks for the information!
  17. pazzo

    Which immersion blender to buy?

    Could you tell me the model number on the one you ordered? Any chance it's WSB33?
  18. pazzo

    A great opportunity

    Director of Kitchen Operations jumps to mind.
  19. pazzo

    Carbon Steel pans

    Awesome, thanks, yet again, for your informative reply.
  20. pazzo

    Carbon Steel pans

    I apologize for resurfacing an old thread, but I have a quick question and didn't want to create a whole new thread about it. Would a quick pan sauce made with red wine and the fond leftover from cooking meats have a very adverse affect on a seasoned carbon steel pan? Also, can anyone...
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