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  1. flourchild

    Dense heavy bread

    Hi I'm making artisan breads with jalapeno and cheese the crust looks great but its heavy and dense I'm using k.a. bread flour red star instant yeast salt and water also using a stand mixer would adding diastatic malt powder how much or a starter help with this and how long should I mix and...
  2. flourchild

    inside flower cake design

    has anyone heard of these inside cake design cakes or has done one before im looking to make this for moms day  i want it to have flower design hopefully multicolored inside the cake im sculpting it to look like a 3d vase using either square or round cake pans with gumpaste flowers what im...
  3. flourchild

    hi all

    Hi everyone thanks for the help with my easter cake                                                    
  4. flourchild

    i need help with coloring cocobutter

    hi everyone  im new to candy making i have seen beautiful techniques with molded chocolates using colored cocobutter im trying to mix my own i have raw natural cocobutter and americolor powdered food colorings does anyone know the proper technique to mix together and what consistency should i...
  5. flourchild

    colored cocobutter

    hi everyone i want to use raw organic cocobutter melted with powdered food colors to make paint for chocolates will this work and all my chocolate molds are the plastic ones i dont have any polycarbonite will these work in what i want to do its for my moms homemade easter basket so i want...
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