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  1. byrdie

    knives, whet stones, sharpening - an update and some questions

    Reading this post makes me want to take out all my knives and go nuts! Checking with magnifier is a great idea.. I've heard Masaharu Morimoto runs his knife across his thumb nail to check the sharpness.  I don't think my knives will pass.
  2. byrdie

    knives, whet stones, sharpening - an update and some questions

    I was told by, can't-remember-whom, that I shouldn't wash the 'mud' when sharpening on the water stone for it helps to sharpen??  I don't use this water stone very often.  I picked this stone and yanagiba in Korea for the purpose of practicing caring and sharpening single bevel knives before I...
  3. byrdie

    Au jus

    Thanks, Chefedb, for the explanation! Now that Maggi sounds like MSG used in common homes in Korea. Every household had a little bowl of MSG right next to salt and used on anything and everything.  Though I think its use is less popular now due to its controversy.  I put a little MSG in...
  4. byrdie

    Au jus

    black jack I know of, or knew of, is completely different than one that Prairie Chef described. Black Jack I know of is basically burned sugar mainly used to give black color in pastry. What PairieChef described is known to me as 'onion brulee', or 'oignon brulee'. Which I often use when...
  5. byrdie

    Seeking Leberkase recipe

    sorry I just looked at this again...  Haven't had a chance to come here in the last month or so..  but.. Yes!  that's the one!
  6. byrdie

    I hate Vegans (cooking)........!!!!!

    I've seen some vegan maki rolls that are pretty good.  But then, I love rice.  A lot of vegetarian sandwiches are vegan  when they are made without cheese or vegan cheese.  There are many soy based dairy alternatives.  I used to drink soy milk in Korea when I was growing up..  but besides that...
  7. byrdie

    Need Advice on Making a Graceful Exit

    People I know always have said that they would rather hire someone with good character and train themselves than to hire a person with high skills with unworkable personality.  The willingness to work, I think is a big one.  It seems that you're a good guy who is willing to learn.  I think...
  8. byrdie

    Funny Lables in the walk-in

    There are many of those labels, both intentional and unintentional..  either way, they were funny when found. roasted veal bones -> "feel bones" scallions -> "stallions" goulash -> "goolash" bruschetta -> "broshetta" -> "brother Shetta" lasagna -> "lasana" noodle -> "nuddle" aioli ->...
  9. byrdie

    Baron of Beef (whatever!)

    Sorry for posting to ended thread but... If my vague memory serves me right... In US, baron of beef is like steam ship round (which is a whole primal cut 'round') of beef minus certain sub primal cuts. I can't remember exactly what at this moment without further research. Maybe top round and...
  10. byrdie

    Off site with no facilities CARVING STATION

    I've only seen carving station in restaurants and on sites.  For 150 people, I'd want at least 2 people to carve to reduce traffic jam.  It's not a bad idea to have other proteins available that is not on carving station.  When carved items are the only protein served, it seems that lines get...
  11. byrdie

    Seeking Leberkase recipe

    off topic This reminds me of English Horn, which is neither from England nor a horn.
  12. byrdie

    Hello there peeps!

    well, HELLO~ :) It usually doesn't take very long for people to notice your post and start replying, from what I've seen. There are already tons of information floating around so that's always a good place to start. A lot of the times, I don't know what I'm looking for, so I just wonder...
  13. byrdie

    Smoking bacon at home

    If you don't mind my asking, what kind of smoker do you have?  Do you put them in , say, cages or just hang them on hooks? I'm very interested in that method. I've only made bacon a handful of times and they all have been hot smoked, and not all have been pork.  How do bacons turn out...
  14. byrdie

    What World Do They Live In???

    Deconstructed Lasagna: Also known as Banquet Lasagna with Meat Sauce was on sale at Wal-Mart the other day for 88 cents. Get 8 of those and the cost is $7.04 which mean I have $117.96 to spare. Way under budget.. I am, too, impressed. img source...
  15. byrdie

    Sous Vide, botulism?

    That is enlightening.  I have always thought that high temperature was useless against the toxin.  I can't wait to tell this to someone.
  16. byrdie


    I completely agree.  The process is what makes consomme. It seems that lately I've seen a lot of consommes that were not. The mushroom stock with gelatin is pretty cool.  You actually add the gelatin before you freeze it and let it thaw slowly over the cheesecloth.  The liquid comes out is not...
  17. byrdie

    Nakiri Knives....should he have more than one?

    made me smile. Back to the question.  I really don't see why he would need more than one nakiri.  I would assume that the knives that he listed are the list of acceptable knives.
  18. byrdie

    Two almost 6 pound (almost 12 pounds total) center pork loin roast with ribs - help with cooking ti

    That sound wonderful! That sure had my mouth watering. I should remember to eat before I come to this site.
  19. byrdie


    Would you still call the finished clear liquid consomme even though it is not the end result of the good old raft? for examples, making scallop consomme by brewing dried scallops like tea..??  It produces clear and strongly scallop flavored liquid. And another, adding gelatin weighing 2% of...
  20. byrdie

    Electric Kitchen Scales: good ones, bad ones?

    One other important factor, for me, was the increments of the scale.  I think a lot of scales increments 1/8 oz or 1/4 oz.  I needed ones that can increments with less weight 1/16 oz or even 1/32 oz.  My scale isn't good enough for, say, molecular level of cooking but is more than adequate for...
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